The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“How do you mean?” She asks.

Vance is slightly irritated but leaves to find Hinata

He would find him in the lab downstairs, fiddling with a small device in his hands.

Vance would enter the room and clear his throat to get the scientist’s attention

Hinata didn’t seem to hear him. He affixed the device into his ear, then turns around to see him. “Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t hear you there.” He said, standing up. “Had to deal with…well, one of the drawbacks of the trade.” He says offhandedly. “Anyways, I assume you’re here to help?”

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“Let’s just say I may be a scout for a sponsor and my superiors want to know whether or not this guy has a truly clean slate as investing in someone with certain uncertainties may reflect poorly on them.” He said.

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“I’m afraid you’ll have to schedule an appointment to meet with him. He’s a very busy man.” The secretary informs him.

The salesman continued to drain, awaiting a response (@jayzor17)

“Well, I’m here helping Silver Tongue with the surveillance espionage stuff, but I could actually use a bit of help from you,”

“Well, what might you need?” Hinata asks.

Vance might see a familiar mask on a nearby desk, being that of the man who recruited him to help Silver Tongue.

“Just something that might help me counter some certain people. Project: Runa is a particularly difficult one. If you have info or equipment that’d help that’d be nice. Also something to disrupt a powerful electromagnet,”

Hinata considers for a second. “I’m pretty sure I can make you something, but nothing in this world is free.” He replies. “I’ll need your help getting materials for it and for this other project I’m working on for S.T.”

“Tell him we’ll be investigating and that this is a limited-time offer.” CB said to the secretary, “Good day, ma’am.” He said as he turned to leave.

The secretary sighs and returns to what she was doing before.

Lash frowns behind her mask. One rope lashes out, snapping like a whip as it strikes towards the Salesman’s back.

“Mirror…” Pulse repeats, mentally storing the information away. Connor watches, sure that the helmeted hero already knew exactly who the villain was. He turns to see Superhuman’s response. @Ghid

He laughs, as it passed through him, hiding any semblance of pain, “is that all you have? How pathetic. Parvus, if you may,” He said, and as he did a petite young woman strode out, seemingly normal.

A green laser would shoot out at the Salesman, as Project: Runa stood nearby, having fired.

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Lash’s whip continues on, reaching out to a more insulated point on the power line.

“mhmm… How tasty.” He said with a sadistic grin.

Another whip intersects it, “please, focus,” said parvus to Lash, her tone disappointed

He fires another as he walks closer.