The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Nightingale covers her mouth, coughing and choking at the sudden stench. She pulls her shadow back, forming wings behind her back and shooting into the air. She holds her breath as long as she can, before taking a deep breath of clean air. She continues to hack and sputter, getting the horrid gas out of her lungs.

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Oni gags as he runs past, trying once again to lose them. He takes a different alley nearby, hoping they didn’t see him thanks to the smoke, but unsure if such was the case.

Oni would see Nightingale at the end of the alley - along with about fourteen more of her. Some would casually walk, others would levitate, and a couple madly dashed, but all were moving towards him… And Fever was trying to keep close enough to keep the illusion active.

Oni would run forwards, jumping along the walls to get over the Nightingales he saw, using his Tri-Blades to hold him onto the walls as he reoriented himself between jumps.

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A last wave of nausea and vertigo passes over Nightingale as she gets the last of the toxin out of her system. Moments later she bumps into the alley wall, shocked by the thudding sound she makes against the brick. She clings to a windowsill for a moment, trying to regain her bearings. Who was causing the gas? A friend of Oni’s, or a third party? And where had Oni gone off to, anyways?

She takes another deep breath, trying to still her mind. She peers into the smoke below, trying to pick out any sign of movement.

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Most of the Nightingales missed their mark by a good margin, crashing into the wall or swiveling out in the street. Some got very close. One of them barely misses him and falls, smashing into the dumpster below.

Down below, Elias takes the opportunity given by the illusion to ram himself violently into the dumpster, denting it and sending a crashing ring through the area in hopes to get nightingale’s attention. If he could get two birds with one stone, good. If one of them was a potential ally… Better.

Nightingale looks around, trying to find the source of the noise. She would only have a short time to grab Oni once she dove back into that mess. Best to make it count.

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Oni trips up as the one almost hits, careening towards the ground. Once there, he rolled back up and tried once again to keep running down the street.

Growling, Fever used the illusion to hide his existence from Oni and attempted to ram him, bolting out of the alleyway as he felt his heel disconnect for a moment from his foot.

Oni is hit and sent stumbling. Disoriented, he takes a defensive stance as soon as he can stand, trying to figure out whatever just hit him.

Oni might notice the nauseating gas had almost entirely disappeared. Or, at least, the intended taste had. Elias’ fumes were naturally almost odorless.

Buildings seemed to curl in from all sides and the horizon stretched and warped as the ground turned to putty. In the only remaining static ground, Fever suddenly appeared.

Oni tries to back away on the seemingly uneven ground, keeping Fever in his sights. “I’m going to need backup.” He calls over his earpiece to Mirror.

“We are all called sooner or later.” Elias’ voice thunders around Oni. “You’ve been called a bit… Sooner that most.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Oni says.

Mirror sighs as she takes a veering right, heading to where Oni’s signal came from.

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Pulse follows Vai’s car by rooftop, noting that it did not enter the Samoan embassy. He keeps an eye on it, wondering where it would end up. (@Toa_Vladin @Mctoran)

Her head cleared, Nightingale spreads her wings, hovering over the alleyway. She follows the sound of Oni’s voice, trying to pick him out of the smoke. (@Runa @Ghid)

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It wouldn’t be hard. Elias was still preaching.

“You’ve been a leech to this city for long enough.” Fever muttered, stepping slightly closer. Oni would see him sudden jump directly into his personal space and then back again.

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Oni stumbles back, almost losing his footing and bringing his hand down to the floor, staying on three points to try and stabilize himself. “I’m just doing my job.” Oni told him. “No leeching here.”

Mirror finds the spot and drops down behind Elias, shifting back to her base form. “And you are…?” She asks.

“Tired,” Elias said, slow turning around and trying to buy time for Mirror to inhale the surrounding air, which in its normal state was barely noticeable. “Hard to get exercise nowadays.”

Her unexpected arrival didn’t give him time to hide her fully. Oni may not have seen her, but he definitely heard her.

Behind his mask, Oni smirked, as he started backing away.

Mirror saw her surroundings started to ■■■■■, but focused on Elias. “Indeed.” She said, as her form started shifting into his own, a few fragmented memories coming with it, along with his abilities.

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Mirror would see murky, unspeakable darkness, surrounded by awful cold. An incredible tolerance for pain displayed by ending up in pain quite often. And there was a boy… A very powerful boy.

Fever, however, jumped as soon as Mirror began to ■■■■■, Nearly tripping over himself, he bolted to the left, wrapping his scarf tightly around his face. That was something completely new that Mirror displayed, and he was very unprepared.

Throw up. It might not have the fullest effect on Mirror, who had just arrived, but Oni would soon recall what he had eaten last.