The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Oni says.

Mirror sighs as she takes a veering right, heading to where Oni’s signal came from.

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Pulse follows Vai’s car by rooftop, noting that it did not enter the Samoan embassy. He keeps an eye on it, wondering where it would end up. (@Toa_Vladin @Mctoran)

Her head cleared, Nightingale spreads her wings, hovering over the alleyway. She follows the sound of Oni’s voice, trying to pick him out of the smoke. (@Runa @Ghid)

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It wouldn’t be hard. Elias was still preaching.

“You’ve been a leech to this city for long enough.” Fever muttered, stepping slightly closer. Oni would see him sudden jump directly into his personal space and then back again.

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Oni stumbles back, almost losing his footing and bringing his hand down to the floor, staying on three points to try and stabilize himself. “I’m just doing my job.” Oni told him. “No leeching here.”

Mirror finds the spot and drops down behind Elias, shifting back to her base form. “And you are…?” She asks.

“Tired,” Elias said, slow turning around and trying to buy time for Mirror to inhale the surrounding air, which in its normal state was barely noticeable. “Hard to get exercise nowadays.”

Her unexpected arrival didn’t give him time to hide her fully. Oni may not have seen her, but he definitely heard her.

Behind his mask, Oni smirked, as he started backing away.

Mirror saw her surroundings started to ■■■■■, but focused on Elias. “Indeed.” She said, as her form started shifting into his own, a few fragmented memories coming with it, along with his abilities.

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Mirror would see murky, unspeakable darkness, surrounded by awful cold. An incredible tolerance for pain displayed by ending up in pain quite often. And there was a boy… A very powerful boy.

Fever, however, jumped as soon as Mirror began to ■■■■■, Nearly tripping over himself, he bolted to the left, wrapping his scarf tightly around his face. That was something completely new that Mirror displayed, and he was very unprepared.

Throw up. It might not have the fullest effect on Mirror, who had just arrived, but Oni would soon recall what he had eaten last.

Mirror, having just arrived and beginning to gain Elias’ (assumed, tell me if I am wrong about this though) immunity to it, began not to throw up, but to gag heavily.

Oni, on the other hand, could feel his food rising, and moved his mask just out of the way of his mouth, throwing up on the ground.

Runa finishes straightening out the metal of his boot, after having sealed up and disinfected the wounds in his foot, and having preformed the necessary repairs on his suit. He sighs. He was quite sure that this “Coldblood” would show up again, and he knew he wasn’t prepared for it.

So, he began to prepare.

He opens up a new file, designing the schematics for a new Project. Project: Ripper He names it.
After a little bit of designing, he realizes that this would end up…different, compared to his other Projects. More powerful, yet also less easily carried around. It was less of an attachable weapon, and more like an add-on to his metallic exterior. After thinking, he renames the Project, along with recategorizing it.
XA-Project: Beast


As he began to run, Elias smashed his fist into a trash can, making an awful metallic crash as he rounded the corner, heading for the docks. Hopefully the noise will send whoever that was who was flying after them after me instead - the one fellow was nothing once he was within my range, but the other one…

Honestly, his faith that the unknown gliding assailant of the pair would be more privy to audible recognition was starting to fail. She hadn’t done too much when he had made the undeniably louder dumpster dent, and all this ultimately served to do was alerting the villainous pair where he was headed.

If they follow me I’ll have to go the long way around. I hate doing that.

Switchblade rose ominously and moved his massive form over to the window, peering out. Someone was making a devil of a ruckus down there.

Dumb kids.

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Mirror saw him run away, and decided it best to just pick up Oni and start carrying him away as he recovered.

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The Crimson Blade was hidden from view during this time and briefly pondered on this experience and decided to retrace his steps back to Fitzgerald’s building to see what he could learn from there.

When he returned, he would see that Fitzgerald had left his office to deal with other business, it seemed.

Crimson Blade tries to see what he could observe from outside without getting spotted. (@Runa)

“Shall we enter, then?” Coldblood asked Vai.

Vai opened Coldblood’s door as he invited him to leave.

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Coldblood stepped out of the vehicle, heading towards the building.
“Who are we meeting, again?” He asked Vai.

“Nobody in particular.”

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“Hmm…” Coldblood growled, as he stomped through the streets and surveyed all the people around him in this neighborhood.

He’d see nothing. It seemed like Fitzgerald had left.

The police that had been trailing Vai stopped a ways away and called for backup.

Project: Runa, working on the finishing touches of the XA-Project: Beast blueprints, intercepts the call himself, but new he could not go and be useful while there, until this was done. He continued to work, frustrated that he couldn’t do much as of now.

CB went into a darkened alleyway to think on this. Is Fitzgerald connected to these new Supers I’ve been seeing? he thought.