The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“…What do you want?” He asks hesitantly.

“Then maybe you can tell me where to find who I’m after.” Runa said, still aiming at him with his hand, yet not firing.

“why, I want to check in on you of course!” He exclaimed

He tries to scoot back a bit when he does. “…but why?”

A large black van with tinted windows rolled up to the bank.
Robert and 5 other men hopped out.
“Keep it running.” Robert told the driver.
He led the 5 men into the bank, where he approached a teller.

“Hello. How may I help you today?” The teller asks.

“Depends on a few things,”

“And those things are…?” He asks again.

The Crimson Blade was still snooping around, trying to collect information on Silver Tongue and his affiliates.

The salesman kept him in place, “because if something were to happen to my new toy…”

“Who and how much,”

He wouldn’t find anything about him, but if he were to see the signs being put up better, he’d realize that the current mayor had recently stepped down, and two candidates were vying to take his spot, which would be a lucrative one for someone like Silver Tongue.

The two candidates seemed to be one Jason Fitzgerald and one Flynn Meyers.

“New toy?” The chief answered, disturbed.

“Silver Tongue and you not dying.” Runa responds.

Crimson Blade writes this down and a a note before deciding to pay the Society a visit to give them some new intelligence.

“I do know where you might be able to find him but your price has no value to me,”

“Let’s see… how much monry do you guys have here?” Robert asked, while looking for any guards or panic buttons through walls.

“Why yes, you’re under my every whim. If I told you to kill your daughter and frame your wife you’d have no choice.” As he said this the urge to do so began rising within the chief

“Bomb out!” A garbled voice suddenly cried out. There was a hissing sound, and a puddle of water began to round the corner.

Both of the men on the ground, possibly either blacked out or dead, suddenly created a shrill, buzzing sound, which seemed to come from their coats.

Switchblade hopped up onto the ledge. The suitcases were mostly metal, and the ones that weren’t could easily be exchanged.

He slammed his fist on a small button wired to a radio to alert his men in the sewers. The cork was about to blow.

“Perhaps we can finish this conversation another time?” Vance asked Runa before “teleporting” back home

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“Do you have an account with us?” She asks nervously, hand reaching for the panic button, only two guards in sight.

The man tried to fight it. “Please…no.” He begs.

Runa sees the water, and suddenly it clicks. He starts running away from it, looking for any exit he could.

“I wouldn’t press that if i were you.” Warned Robert.
He fiddled with his watch.
“I actually do have an account… but I’m not doing anything with that. Look, I’ll make this easy for you. I have a specific amount of money I want. Nobody needs to get hurt, no police need to get involved. Okay?”

She nods, hand staying still in between its movement. “H-how much?” She asks. She glances over at a guard.