The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Pulse grimaces, turning to face the villain. It seemed his choice had been made. He stands, channeling his power in the soles of his feet. The telekinesis pushes against the surface below him, but not with enough force to move it. Instead, the young hero is pushed into the air, hovering a few inches above the rooftop. He takes a deep breath.

“Look, this doesn’t have to escalate any further. No need to make a scene out of it.”

CB set off a massive gust of wind to push Salesman away, “Hey, you mind not invading my space?” He asked. “We haven’t even had coffee.”

He was toppled backwards, his form shimmering, “how rude.”

“Don’t creep up on people like that.” CB said. He had an almost nonchalant air about him, like he was just having a conversation. His words, though, showed he definitely heard about Salesman and was aware of his tricks.

“a fan I presume? After all not many enimies would be dumb enough to engage me.”

Shade stands up and faces him. “You had the choice to ignore us. It was you who decided to make it a scene.” He said, jumping up at him, ready to claw at his face.

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“Let the record show that you started this,” he said pointing at Salesman, “by invading my personal space like you did.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to watch the show.” CB said as he turned to look at the fight.

“did I?” It said with a grin pulling it blade

CB gave a bit of a “here we go again” sigh, “We can just walk away and not cause a scene and no further harm comes of this; no strings, we each just mind our own business.” He said.

“how boring” he replied, thrusting

CB sent out another mighty gust of wind, trying to push himself away from Salesman and to get Salesman to stagger backwards.

It worked, “you annoying…” He muttered

“Want another?” CB said tauntingly.

He phased behind him, slashing at his back

“I knew this would happen,” Pulse mutters. He leans to the left, sliding sideways just in time to dodge the claws.

Daven walks towards this glint of metal, slightly curious what person would be hiding there, and why they were wearing a knight costume, after he was doubtful it was Halloween, unless of course if it was, but even then it would be a bit early for the costumes.

Kaleo makes to his college and runs over to his class making it before the bell rang. It was now time to start the subject.

CB was hit, brought to his knees. “Okay, kiddie gloves are coming off.” He said as he clenched his fists and the wind began to swirl around him.

Midair, Shade tried to slow himself and whip around with a kick. @jayzor17

As Runa neared the end of the park, he quickly darted to the nearest alleyway, likely seen by few, except for Daven.

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Daven decided to tap the the shiny thing in the bush to see what it was.

OOC: …the shiny thing was Runa. And he’s run to the other side of the road now, into an alley. Daven likely would have seen him.