The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

As Runa ran into the alleyway, he would hear Daven behind him, and stop. He turned to face Daven, hand outstretched, ready to fire.

Daven now faced with a robot-man with essentially what appears to be an outstretched palm…Daven says,
“I’m sorry but I’m not going high-five your hand.”

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“You saw nothing.” Runa said as he backed away, his palm starting to glow a dull green.

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Daven now understanding the situation smiles,
“And what are you going to blast be with laser out of your hand? Real original, bet you took inspiration from a certain comic book hero.”
He was very sarcastic with a hint of sass in his language.
Mockingly, he winks,
“Look! I won’t tell people that I saw a robot, if you don’t tell anyone that I skipped class.”

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Crimson Blade wandered around New Hawkhood for a good while before getting to his home and locking all doors and windows tightly before sitting down at his desk and looking at the time.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about with the comic whatever, but I guess that’s settled. This never happened.” He said, lowering his hand as he backed deeper into the alley.

Daven, being mischievous, decides to follow him at a distance.

Runa stays wary of this, taking a more roundabout route and getting further from any public area.

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Pulse crosses his arms to block the kick, pushing off with telekinesis as it gets close. He’s pushed back, dragging the tip of one boot on the ground as he slides to a halt. From there he pushes off once more, gliding through the air and aiming a punch for Shade’s face.

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Daven follows where he can and substitutes other routes to keep up.

Shade would bring up his arm to try to punch the oncoming punch from below, up away from his face.

At one point where Daven had taken a separate route, a thin green laser would hit the ground right in front of him.

Daven looks up expecting to see if he could find the origin of this laser and just in case he put up his ability, cutting off his source of air. He held his breath looking around.

Runa jumped down from where he was atop a building. “I see you didn’t listen.” He said to Daven as he circled around him. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Daven didn’t speak and just tracked him with his eyes not moving.

Runa shot a laser right at his shoulder, using it as a sort of dangerous warning.

Strangely once Runa’s laser got close enough it went around him, as if the laser had gone around a bubble of sorts, though this bubble was not visible.

Runa examined Daven, realizing now that he was more than just a pesky civilian. “What do you want.” He growled, knowing none of his attacks would work on him, if his assumptions were correct.

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Daven lowers his invisible bubble and inhales deeply, as if he was holding his breath for a bit of time. He answers,
“I’m curious, why a robot-cyborg like you was doing at the park… during the election. And I’m rather bored.”

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Nearby, Coldblood’s massive reptilian body was shot out of a sewer outlet.
“-Voices!” He spat out, finishing the sentance he had started earlier.

“Investigating suspects.” He answers, turning towards the voice as it speaks, looking around warily.

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