The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“That’s true. What resources would be available to me, if I may ask?”

“We have a small cache of weapons, though I doubt you’ll need those. Your most useful resources will be your allies. At current, there are five you should concern yourself with. There would be Hinata Ito, who is a brilliant scientist and engineer, who would be able to help you, if you were able to drag him away from his current project. Then, there would be Mirror, who would be helpful in infiltration missions. Anthony Fitzgerald, also known as Shade, is a good kid, he’d be a useful distraction, with how good he is at causing trouble. Then, there’s also the Salesman and Parvus, but you shouldn’t worry about them yet. They’ll come to you if they feel you need their help.” Silver Tongue answers. “Any more questions?”

OOC: Pulse disagrees with most of that sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Connor’s face flickers between disappointment and excitement. He didn’t want to go home… but spending more time with Superhuman would be good, right?

“Okay…” he says, turning and walking away.

Pulse relaxes, glad that the battle is over. He’s completely blindsided by Shade’s attack, unable to respond.

Lash moves quickly over the rooftops, her long whipcords allowing her to cross blocks in mere seconds. It isn’t long before she’s left the residential district behind, and good riddance. If it hadn’t been for that silly anti-hero she never would have been there in the first place. It was better to keep things away from the civilians. She heads deeper into the city, keeping an eye out for anything that might signal another villain to take down.

Superhuman jolts as suddenly Shade leaps out from Pulse’s shadow. Although he was too slow to intercept Shade’s attack, he was flying in with a punch aimed toward the evildoer’s jaw, as comeuppance.

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Zack Yami was exploring New Hawkhood, making mental notes of places of interest and potential places he could learn more about Silver Tongue and their associates.

“What type of mission are we talking?”

Shade would shove him to the ground face first, flying up off of him from the exerted force.

Project: Runa wandered deeper into the alleyways, looking for whoever might help him find the villain he was after. Perhaps that amalgam of scrap he saw earlier would be a good bet to finding Silver Tongue.

“Reconnaissance.” Silver Tongue said to Vance. “I have a few people I’d like you to keep an eye on. Maybe even show them that we’re watching. And maybe some…help finding materials.” He said. “For our technologically inclined friend.”

After the police had departed, Mirror fled the scene, as did Oni, after recovering his Electro-Spikes magnetically. Mirror headed in no particular direction, while Oni headed back to Silver Tongue’s headquarters.

Zack stopped to get a bite to eat to go as he kept exploring New Hawkhood to get familiar with the place and, hopefully, find some new information to pass along to the Society of British Gentlemen.

He might see a sharp glint of silver pass by in one of the nearby alleyways.

Zack immediately follows it, curious to see what it was.

He might see it turning down another path as he rounds the first one, a metal leg being the last thing to turn down the path.

Zack tries to keep up with the figure.

The figure would stop at the end of the alley this time, not turning around, his silver and green body staying still.

“Before you pull a gun, knife or laser vision at me, can we have a nice little chat and then decide if we want to kill each other afterwards?” Zack asked rather calmly as if he was used to seeing this on a regular basis.

“I just need to ask a few questions.” He said coldly.

Silently, he primes his boosters, in case the situation turns sour.

“Go ahead; I’ll answer depending upon your queries.” He said, taking a relaxed stance.

“What would you happen to know about a large creature, made of metal scraps?” He asked, turning to face Zack, his red eyes glowing dully in the shadow of the alley.

“Sounds like a science project gone awry.” He chuckled, his eyes glowing like embers for a moment as shadows from his long messy hair darkened around his face.

“Nice effect; really spooky.” He said, “Cyborg, full-on robot or just a cool perk to being shiny and green?” He asked, he seemed like he was either unaware of the situation or didn’t care much about the danger he might be in.

“None of your concern.” He answers. “Now, what about this ‘Silver Tongue’ fellow? Do you happen to know anything about him or his constituents?”

“A few things.” He said with a knowing chuckle, “But I’m afraid such information doesn’t come free and I already have a generous client asking me that all the time.”

“Who’s your boss?” He asked, “That ought to be a good show of trust between us.”