The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

He looks around quickly, looking for the creature.

The second whip wiggles, dodging around the blade but missing its target. Lash begins to slide towards Parvus.

Pulse watches the villain, trying to decide what to do next. After a moment he remembers the deal, nodding to himself.

“You can call me Pulse… not that it’ll matter much once we get you locked up.” @Runa

The salesman appeared above project runa, slashing downwards.

The blade twists, and changes it’s aim, now to lash’s back.

Lash pushes off with a small growl, pulling herself towards Parvus. She launches a kick, sending her free whip to grab a rafter up above.

Runa rolls to the side and gets up, dashing at Salesman and stabbing at his chest.

Parvus stumbled back, “ow…” She muttered

The salesman turned to the side, narrowly avoiding the blade

Runa kept his momentum and turned to face Salesman. He primed his boosters as he took defensive stance again.

Lash’s rope curls around the rafter, and she pulls off the ground. Her whip disentangles from Parvus’s as she shoots into the rafters overhead.

“tah tah,” he said, taking parvus’s hand, before they both vanished

Lash’s trailing whip reaches towards Parvus, snapping at air as she vanishes. She slowly lowers back to the ground, her cowled mask turning back towards Project: Runa.

“You again.”

Runa growls as he looks around for them. “Where could they have gotten off to.” He grumbles, trying to scan the surrounding area.

He turns his head to Lash. "I could say the same.

Shade glares at Pulse. “What are you doing to me?” He asks.

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CB began to go to the second candidate’s office.

OOC: Not Myers.

“I’m making sure you don’t hurt anyone else,” Pulse says. He draws a pair of specialized handcuffs from a pouch in his suit, rounded and flexible. He reaches out to affix them to Shade’s wrists… or whatever sort of equivalent he can find.

Her whips writhe around her, slowly coiling back around her arms.

“I got here first. Did you follow me?”

Shade goes along with it. For now.

“No.” Runa answered. “I followed the flickering lights to the most likely cause.”

Superhuman rotates Shade midair to allow Pulse to reach his wrists easier. “Soon as this crook is behind bars we can see about getting him home.” He motioned to Connor. “It’s awful late for him to be out.”

Pulse pulls out another pair, fastening them around the villain’s ankles while he has the chance.

OOC: can he hear Superhuman now?

Lash nods. “Smart.” Her ropes finish coiling around her arms.

Shade grunted. “And how you expect me to get there? By hopping?” He says.

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.” Runa responded as he continues to scan the area, extending his wings out and preparing to fly up for a better view.

OOC: Going to leave Shade until Ghid responds.

IC: Lash nods. “Try and stay that way.” She glances about, checking to make sure the Salesman and Parvus weren’t sneaking up on them again. She would have to be on her way; the cops would probably be there soon.

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OOC:[quote=“jayzor17, post:604, topic:49488”]
can he hear Superhuman now?

I imagine so, if you want him to. I’m not deciding how much of Superhuman is visible or audible, I’m only ever nudging towards it.


“I wouldn’t want you to get tired.” Superhuman grinned. “One-way express service, safety guaranteed.”

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The salesman appeared at another powerplant in anoth district, yawning dramatically, before unleashing the pent up energy in an explosion