The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Connor gasps, hands held over his mouth in glee. He had to be dreaming. This was the best day ever!

Pulse struggles to follow along, only truly fixating on the words ‘I’m Superhuman’. The name seems vaguely familiar, but he can’t quite place where from. He takes note of Shade calling him a "child’s fantasy’; he would have to report that later.

Instead, he pulls a cheap flip phone from his belt. “I’ll contact the police,” he announces to no one in particular. “They should be able to deal with our friend here.” He gestures to Shade as he punches numbers into the phone, holding it up to his helmet.

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Meanwhile, Coldblood silently stalked the shadows of the streets of Hawkhood, itching an opened wound on his neck.
Not too far away, a small bloody computer chip lay discarded on the ground.
Coldblood smiled a large, toothy grin with his fangs.
Now he was finally free, and it was time to raise some Carnage…

Shade glares at him, but makes no other move.

Coldblood might hear some noise behind him.


OOC: did you mean Coldblood?

IC: Coldblood slowly turned around to face whatever was behind him.

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“Good.” Superhuman scowled at Shade. “As for you, most people don’t believe in the boogieman.”

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He’d see Mirror behind him. “I see you got rid of the voices in your head.” She said to him.

“Well, believe or not, I’m here all the same.” He growls.

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Coldblood growled at the sight of Mirror, baring his fangs.
“Yeah, and I’m not planning on having any more.” He grunted.
“Who are you and what do you want?”

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'You don’t want to fight me." She growled back, before switching almost on a dime back to her former personality. “I’m here on behalf of a certain Silver Tongue. He’s taken quite an interest in you.”

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Coldblood licked his fangs with excited anticipation.
“Has he now? How could I be of value to this ‘Silver Tongue’?” He asked Mirror.

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“Everyone needs a little distraction from time to time.” She responds. “Just go on with your current affairs for now. He’ll contact you later with more info.” She continues, before shifting her form to that of Coldblood. “For now, just attack whoever you feel like.”

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Somehow, Coldblood’s smile managed to stretch even wider.
“With pleasure…” he said, stomping away as he prepared to mount his attack.

He would see Fitzgerald through the window, talking on his phone.

He tries to read the man’s lips, trying to get some semblance of what he was talking about. (@Runa)

Abe was standing on a rooftop, it was on a building alongside multiple buildings in the City. They weren’t too big like the skyscrapers but about the size of a normal building.

He was wearing a pair of black cargo tight pants with a pair of black shoes with a long sleeve ■■■■■ that was also in black. He had a breathing mask on, it was almost like a gas mask only half-covering his face which was his mouth. It was a thing people used when they were parkouring around.

“You sure about this?” Igiris asked, having a certain worry in his words.

“Yeah…totally sure,” Abe said.

_“Just don’t break a bone.”_Igiris ads.

Abe took a deep breath before he was starting to free run along the rooftop, jumping over a few obstacles and making a few parkour moves as he continued to free run.

_“So far so good.”_Igiris said impressed. “Careful, watch that step!”

Abe barely dodged it because Igiris broke his concentration. “Chillax. Ig. I can’t concentrate when you talk.” He said as he climbed high and jumped landing on an obstacle and jumping on another before he knew it he was jumping three meters away from a building before landing and rolling upon impact on the other.

“Not bad.” Igiris said.

Abe had a smirk on his face as he continued to parkour about an hour or so. It also served as a good workout routine for Abe as he was doing physical effort…


Abe was chilling on a rooftop, his back laid against the ground with his feet hanging down on the edge as he stared at the sky. His hands behind his head as he had a lollipop in his mouth.

“Feel like flying?” Abe asked Igiris.

“Aren’t we going to attract attention?” Igiris asked, having a point.

He thought it over. “Yeah…I guess…” He took his lollipop out. “Though it would be fun…” He argued.


Abe made a sound of frustration. “You are sounding just like my stepdad…” He sighed, sitting up.

Meanwhile, Coldblood stalked the streets of Hawkhood. His plan had finally formulated.

A crocodile meat festival was happening on the outskirts of the town, by the water. Mainly rednecks and hicks were there.
the irony is perfect… he thought with ecstatic anticipation. Coldblood may not have been the most academically intelligent person, but his eye for the theatrical and dramatic could not he ignored.

When everyone least expected it, Colblood arouse the from the murky depths of the river, dripping with sludge and mud as he clawed his way to the top of the back and snatched an entire child in one hand. One of the rednecks shot at Coldblood with his shotgun. The bullet ricocheted off Coldblood’s thick hide, leaving only a very small dent. Agitated and angered, Coldblood dropped the child and instead went after the shooter, devouring the top half of his body in only one single chomp.

Runa received a message about the attack. “Looks like the disappearing act will have to wait.” He mutters, flying that way.

He lands and faces Coldblood, hand outstretched and glowing green. “I’d stop, if I were you.” @Mctoran

Mirror floats into Hinata’s lab. “Boys said to help you out.” She said to him as he dawned his black coat and red mask.
“Good. We’ve got some materials to go obtain of this is ever to work properly.”

CB would see something about “…scheduling…those menaces…Mr. Meyers…leading in the…”

Very little else would be easy to make out.
(@BlackBeltGamer98 )

“But unfortunately, you aren’t me.” Coldblood said, charging towards Runa as he swiped his claws at him.

Pulse puts the phone away with a nod. “The police are on their way,” he announces. “I can make sure that he gets locked away; can you make sure the kid gets home safely, Superhuman?” Connor seems to light up at the idea, anxiously looking back and forth between the two heroes.

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Runa rolls to the side and extends X-Caliber, slashing at his stomach. “I wouldn’t say unfortunately.”

OOC: I think the time of day by now would be mid to late afternoon.

IC: The police could be seen in the distance.

Shade stayed still. He was sure there was a plan.


Coldblood roared in pain as his stomach was slashed. Baring his fangs, he lunged at Runa and attempted to chomp him.