The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“…excuse me?” This criminal knew his name? How? “Now, maybe you’d be kind enough to introduce yourself, Mr…?”

“My name doesn’t matter. You can discover it if you dig deep enough, just as you can do with anybody. Now if you’ll excuse me…” he said, approaching Coldblood.

“What do you want?” Coldblood grudgingly repeated.

“For a long time I’ve been looking for a guy of your talents. I have an offer for you. But for now you are under my jurisduction. Let’s take you to a ckeaner place.”

“That’s not going to happen.” Pulse rushes towards Vai, leaning down to ram the criminal with his shoulder as he gets close and adding a telekinetic shove to the attack. The sirens are getting close; the police are almost here.

“Sir, this is the second time you interrupt us. I advice you to not do that a third time. You probably just misunderstood me. I am a good guy too.”

As he said this, a collection of police cars drove up, and a bunch of policeman exited them, pointing their guns towards the fighting group. “Hands up!” One yelled.

Meanwhile, Runa limped through alleyways until he finally found what he was looking for: Project: Excellerator. He hobbled into the back, where he sat down and started work on cleaning up his wounds and fixing his armor and weapons.


Vai slowly turned to them. One of his brutes prepared to take their guns, before he stopped them.
“It’s OK. I am taking this prisoner with me to the police section.”

“We can take it from here.” The policeman said. “You can leave this job to us.”

“Mr. Policeman let me tell you that I came all the way from Samoa from this man, I am not leaving without him.”

In that moment, Igiris grabbed his Phantom Sword and blocked her attack quickly. “It’s not going to be easy, you know that, right?” He asked, as he broke their lock and held his greatsword with both of his hands and swung towards her abdomen.

“So what you’re saying is you’re out of your jurisdiction. We will take it from here.” He says sternly.

She dropped below the greatsword and kicked the flat of the blade, in order to kick it out of the way, then tries to shouldercheck into his stomach. “It won’t be easy for you either. Ever fought yourself before?”

Pulse floats on the periphery of the group, waiting to assist if necessary.

He raised a few files that showed the blessing of the US gouverment to act on their territory.
Little the policeman could now that the Samoan police could be easily blackmailed by tge Sindicate.
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“I’d like to confirm that with my superiors.” The policeman said. “We’ll take him into custody, and if everything checks out, we’ll turn him over to you.” He said. “Does that sound fair?”

“No, as in the state of Samoa searched him for too long. We waited for too long for him, and now that we finally found him, we are not giving him up. We are going to get him to our embassy in downtown, then if it doesn’t check, even tho it is not possible for it to not check, we will give it to you.”

Unexpected, he got taken by surprise and Igiris was sent staggering back from her. “Many times.” He declares sheathing his greatsword and flew towards her, only to get from behind and swing a left kick towards her abdomen.

“Allow us to accompany you then.” The policeman insisted.

She was hit and sent flying in that direction, before catching herself, waiting for another attack.

Igiris didn’t attack. “Like I’ve said before…” He mentions. “I’m not looking forward to petty and unnecessary fights.” He said.

From the buildings nearby, some disguised troopers part of the Samoan Syndicate slowly point their sniping rifles at the policemen.
OOC: Really, if I exaggerate, let me know. I am just thinking that it would be natural for Vai to have such troopers.
IC: “It really isn’t necessary, sir.” he said, showing him a pair of handcuffs and approaching Coldblood. “Me and the boys have all the experience needed.” he said as he tried to put the cuffs on the villain’s wrists.