The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“I dont believe I have.” Coldblood said.

“Have you ever wanted to come here?”

“A few times. Though considering by background, I doubted they would have ever let me within their walls without a fight.”

Vai chuckled.
“Not anymore.”

He jumps back a little ways. “Negotiate for what?” He asks slyly. “I think you’ve made a bit of a mistake.”

Mirror laughs. “Sorry to cut this short. I’ve got a delivery to make.” She says, flying away with her new temporary form.

She steps forward, closing the distance as her shadow reaches out to either side of him and begins to close in behind him.

“Information,” she says. “You make my life easy, I make your life easy.”

“Information? I thought you were after something else I don’t have.” He said, searching through his pocket for something.

“Oh, I was after that too,” she says, her shadows fully encircling the criminal. “but I’ll take what I can get.”

“Nothing? Understandable.” He says, throwing another smoke bomb to the ground, enshrouding the surrounding area in thick smoke.

Her shadows begin to close in as he moves, squeezing in from all sides and covering a height a little taller than he is.

Oni jumped and kicked off of a wall, trying to go around Nightingale, who might find it hard to see in the smoke.

Feeling her tendrils catch nothing but smoke, she turns, sending her shadow to reach blindly into the alley in an attempt to find Oni before he could escape.

Nightingale would become aware of an incredibly toxic, nauseating odor which seemed to leak evilly through the smoke. As for Oni, if he chose to look, a heavily breathing Fever was standing not far away, his face scarf having mostly fallen away from his face as he hyperventilated in an attempt to refill his rotting lungs.

Nightingale covers her mouth, coughing and choking at the sudden stench. She pulls her shadow back, forming wings behind her back and shooting into the air. She holds her breath as long as she can, before taking a deep breath of clean air. She continues to hack and sputter, getting the horrid gas out of her lungs.

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Oni gags as he runs past, trying once again to lose them. He takes a different alley nearby, hoping they didn’t see him thanks to the smoke, but unsure if such was the case.

Oni would see Nightingale at the end of the alley - along with about fourteen more of her. Some would casually walk, others would levitate, and a couple madly dashed, but all were moving towards him… And Fever was trying to keep close enough to keep the illusion active.

Oni would run forwards, jumping along the walls to get over the Nightingales he saw, using his Tri-Blades to hold him onto the walls as he reoriented himself between jumps.

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A last wave of nausea and vertigo passes over Nightingale as she gets the last of the toxin out of her system. Moments later she bumps into the alley wall, shocked by the thudding sound she makes against the brick. She clings to a windowsill for a moment, trying to regain her bearings. Who was causing the gas? A friend of Oni’s, or a third party? And where had Oni gone off to, anyways?

She takes another deep breath, trying to still her mind. She peers into the smoke below, trying to pick out any sign of movement.

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Most of the Nightingales missed their mark by a good margin, crashing into the wall or swiveling out in the street. Some got very close. One of them barely misses him and falls, smashing into the dumpster below.

Down below, Elias takes the opportunity given by the illusion to ram himself violently into the dumpster, denting it and sending a crashing ring through the area in hopes to get nightingale’s attention. If he could get two birds with one stone, good. If one of them was a potential ally… Better.

Nightingale looks around, trying to find the source of the noise. She would only have a short time to grab Oni once she dove back into that mess. Best to make it count.

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