The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Vai opened Coldblood’s door as he invited him to leave.

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Coldblood stepped out of the vehicle, heading towards the building.
“Who are we meeting, again?” He asked Vai.

“Nobody in particular.”

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“Hmm…” Coldblood growled, as he stomped through the streets and surveyed all the people around him in this neighborhood.

He’d see nothing. It seemed like Fitzgerald had left.

The police that had been trailing Vai stopped a ways away and called for backup.

Project: Runa, working on the finishing touches of the XA-Project: Beast blueprints, intercepts the call himself, but new he could not go and be useful while there, until this was done. He continued to work, frustrated that he couldn’t do much as of now.

CB went into a darkened alleyway to think on this. Is Fitzgerald connected to these new Supers I’ve been seeing? he thought.

OOC: We are not at the embassy.

Nightingale follows the sound with her eyes, tracing the path someone would have needed to take to get there. Was it Oni? Could she afford the chance that it wasn’t. Grimacing, she glides after the trail the other was leaving, being sure to stay in the air for fear of whatever gas had hit her earlier.

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Skidding to a halt, Elias leaned against the side of a bus stop and breathed heavily, attempting to catch his breath. They didn’t appear to be coming… had he given them the slip, or simply postponed their next act?

Continuing to breathe heavily, he didn’t bother looking up beyond the brim of his hat.

Oni and Mirror returned to base, where Mirror set him down in his lab as he came to. He stood. “That…wasn’t fun.” He muttered.

Mirror, on the other hand, returned to her normal form. “We got the core.” She said, handing it to Oni. “Now, make good on what you promised.” With that, she turned to leave, heading off to do her next job.

CB left his alleyway of contemplation to return to his stakeout of Fitzgerald’s building from the shadows.

He would see that Fitzgerald is, oddly enough, still not in his room any longer. He seemed to have gone elsewhere.

CB looks for any sign of Fitzgerald’s whereabouts in the nearby area.

He was unlikely to see anything that would give him a good idea.

CB tries to get back in his shadowy spot to try and find any helpful information via observation.

It seems like there was little else here. Perhaps looking elsewhere would be a better bet.(@BlackBeltGamer98)

Once he finally comes to, Hinata removes his costume and gets back into his normal attire, and hooks up the new device to whatever machine it was that he was making. “We’re almost ready for the first test.” He mutters to himself.