The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Zack tensed up and turned to face the speaker. “Who’s asking?” He said.

“That’s a good question.” She answers. “Wish I knew.”

“Where are your parents?” He asked, hoping this was just a lost kid.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” She says, walking in front of him to face him. He would see himself in the reflection of the feminine figure, face featureless except for the faint shaping of a nose. She looks at him. "“And you are?”

Zack looked like he had seen a ghost. He immediately went to bring his hair over his face but stopped before he actually did, “Zack.” He said, “and yours?”

His tone said it all, he was trying to figure out how to get away without hurting anyone or causing a scene.

Daven was woken by on of his classmates, the power wasn’t on yet, and they were still worrying. Daven jokingly comments, asking if it the class was over and if it was the next period. The answer he got was a question of how he was so calm. Daven replied saying that he never relied on technology as much, and that there’s much scarier things out there than a school-wide black out. The student informs him that it is a city-wide black out, Daven shrugs it off, commenting that the local authorities most likely have a handle on it, and if they don’t then they will soon.

Kaleo flicks a switch, waiting for a few seconds silently praying for success, before pressing the button to boot up the generator. His request was met with the low rumble and loud roar of the machinery, as the power flickered back on. Kaleo lets out an exasperated sigh and wipes the sweat off his brow. He hears his coworker walk up behind him, and Kaleo greets him asking if this meant he got a bonus. His manager, who walked up from with coworker chuckled and before saying that his ■■■■■ was over, and that he should turn in for the day. Kaleo smiles wearily and gives a thumbs up, before checking out. He worked the early morning shifts and got out near or a bit after lunch.

Kaleo now would have an hour of lunch and getting to school. He walks off and goes to head to a local grocery store, before asking himself if his classes would even be happening today, due to the power outage.

She shrugs. “I sense something special about you.” She said, walking around him, inspecting him. “So, who are you really? What are you?”

A majority of lights in the residential area of the city would relight, but somewhat more dimly. It seems power had been redirected from other plants in different districts of the city.

The salesman walks over to a parked car, and slipped his shadowy hand under the hood to the battery

Zack was getting nervous, “I’m Silver Tongue.” He said, trying to throw her off as he drew his hair over his face.

She laughs. “Suuuure.” She says, stopping in place. “Oh! I think I know how to find out more about you!”

Coldblood stomped into the base, callouslessy whacking aside a guard standing in the way with his tail. He snarled as he was ushered into the briefing room. “What do you want?” he grunted to the general standing in front of him.
“We have an important task for you, one that only your ‘skills’ can accomplish.” The general said, sliding a document towards Coldblood.

The salesman began draining the power from the battery, his form slowly re-solidifying as he did so

Zack reaches into his pocket as he applied his ‘shadow magic’ to cover his face, “Kid, just leave and tell your boss I’d like to be left alone.” He starts walking away from her.

Her form takes on his reflection, and soon matches his own. With the new form comes fragments of memories. Her new eyes flash as a fire lights in her hand. “Well, quite interesting indeed.” She says in Zack’s own voice as the memory fragments start to come to her.

Zack stops dead in his tracks when he heard his own voice coming from the girl, bringing out what looked like an odd metallic flashlight from his pocket, his Mystic Blade, “So, you are Mirror.” He said, turning to face her.

No point pretending now. he thought as he glared at her. His glare could be sensed, even through his veil of shadows.

Frustrated at the lack of progress the salesman cuts the car’s brakes, before moving onto the next

Her eyes flashed with a sort of remembrance when she heard the name. Mira…? She asks herself, before shaking it off. “You could say that.” She said. “Now, Mr. Yami, how good are you at fighting yourself?”

OOC: If possible, I could use a few memory fragments for Mirror to have gained from Zack.

Considering the state he had entered, the main memories she had fragments of were from the night he got mugged and learned of Silver Tongue’s existence.

His sword ignites with a blood red light that had a definite vibe of magic to it. “Well, time to find out.” He said as he used a burst of wind to rocket himself towards Mirror and tries to attack quickly to prevent her from taking advantage of her new abilities.

OOC: boss theme?

She causes a spire of earth to rocket from the ground, into his path. “Got a bit of a grudge, eh?” She asks, sending spikes of rock out of the large barrier’s main form.

The salesman began draining another car’s battery