The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“One more thing.” Elias said. He looked at Iosif for a solid minute before he got the hint.

Elias stood up, walked over to Runa, and deliberately lifted Runa’s open palm directly over his face. “Fire.”

Vance seemed to have stopped. “Well, uh, if you’re not working for silver tongue, there’s someone who might want your… Services let’s say.”

“Sewer entrance by the east dock.” The workman said, turning around and disappearing behind the ductwork. There was a loud crinkling sound like the ductwork was being stepped on.

He stops, then doesn’t do anything. “Might I ask why?”

“He’ll be fine.” Iosif said with confidence. “It’s more of… Otobrazheniye sily. What I can do.”

Elias never took his eyes off Runa. “You would not believe otherwise. Fire.”

Runa did so, firing a laser blast from his palm without another hesitation.

The salesman cut the brakes of the second car before moving onto a third

The blast smothered the entirety of Elias’ face with explosive heat and energy. The collar and brim of Elias’ attire was badly singed, although masked by the colour and extensive wear. But Elias was almost entirely untouched.

“That is why they want Iosif,” He said, releasing Runa’s wrist. “He can control people one at a time. Make them powerful.”

“You know where I am if you need me.” He said as he walked to the concrete slab and slid it open.

Runa nodded. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He says, going to leave.

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OOC: He’s not good at defensive or healing magic, remember?

IC: Zack tries to redirect the spikes back at Mirror, “So, how many points to win?” He asks.

“What?” She asks as she rolls to the side, casting a fireball at him.

OOC: She was using an attack(shooting a spire from the ground) as a makeshift defense.

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Zack sends one of his own to intercept as he figures out a plan.

Figuring that the fireball may be helpful as a distraction, he fired off a stream of lightning bolts at Mirror, hoping to stun her.

Once Runa had left Elias slid the concrete slab shut. “He is a problem,” He said, resuming his sitting position on the chair. “But… He will be useful when the time comes.”

“For what?” Iosif asked, confused.


Iosif kicked the couch in fury as he clambered back into his sleeping position. Elias put him under, then drifted off to sleep in the dark of the room, the foul ail suddenly extinguishing the candles.

“Well…” Ms Andreia pauses “That’s the bus gone…”
“It’ll still drive!” The Driver replies
“But it’s dangerous!” Ms Andreia sighs “I can’t let the students be injured, imagine the lawsuits and angry parents!”
“True…” The Driver replies “But you rented us out, I’m not paid until the journey is done…”
“Are you suggesting I risk the students?” Ms Andreia whispers
“Not if you don’t want to keep your job!” The Driver smiles menacingly “Of course, the school board don’t like-”
Jake never sat with Cheryl, she went and sat with Britney, he settled for Ellie, she was nice and they had had small talk before but they weren’t really good friends

Marcus sat with Brad

Marcus hated Brad

Daven looks at the time on his watch, it was a simple analog watch, that had LEDs placed in the minute and hour hand, as well as inside the roman numeral numbers. He noticed the time, and decides to get up and pack his stuff. The student from earlier walks up to him inquiring what he was planning to do. Daven shrugs and leaves the classroom, claiming that he was going to the nearby restroom, which of course was a lie.

Daven walked past the restrooms and jumped out a second story window, after tossing his stuff out first. He landed and performed a safety roll, that he learned from his friend who practiced parkour at a local gym. It was fairly basic, all you do is land on your feet and immediately roll onto your shoulder, so it spreads out the impact of the fall, it’s very useful, since it keeps your legs from breaking.

Daven continues and walks off the school campus. He was bored of it, and he felt that he had nothing else to do. Daven thinks about immediately heading home, but decides to explore the city more, and see if he can find something interesting.

Kaleo finds a grocery store and heads into it, seeing that there was some power coming back on. All he really wanted was a quick meal to pass the time, before heading to his college.

Kaleo searches the store’s aisles looking for something that would suit his needs.

Harvey looked around for someone to have a ‘conversation’ with, he had ordered something but it hadn’t arrived

She fires her own at most, but one flies right past her face, barely not shocking her. She shoots a earthen spike out of the ground at him.

Runa, once out, finds the hoodie he discarded earlier and redawns it, walking away from this part of town with his head down again.

Vance arrived where he was told to meet with… he wasn’t sure. He just knew they could help him gain more reputation and resources. ‘Sewer entrance by the east dock’ he repeated to himself in his head. “What a dump…” he muttered to himself as he walked in farther.

Eventually he’d hear the scraping sound of metal echoing further down along with the murmurs of several voices, talking about pipework.

He continued to walk into the sewers, opting not to shout to see who was there in case of stealth being necessary

Zack tries to slice the spike in midair with his sword as he sent spikes of ice at her.

Eventually the sound of his footsteps brought the sound to a hush, although the scraping metal continued. He may notice large metal boxes of supplies stacked wherever there was a wall, and they would grow in frequency the closer he got.

In a blocked-off portion of the sewer stood over a dozen armed men with their weapons aimed at the entrance, but they slowly lowered them as they saw who it was. There was a massive pile of metal scraps on a raised section of concrete which began to rise up as he approached.

“Well,” Switchblade cackled, twisting around. “You’re late.”