The new Miru

If you’ve been kept up-to-date on recent happenings, you’ll know that we have just revealed our first two T-■■■■■ designs for pre-order right over here. You may also know that we really hyped up something that a lot of people assumed to be my face reveal. Instead, I revealed my new Miru. Today, I’m gonna show it to you guys.

Front view
Side view
Back view
Top view

Next to the old one
Side views

Now, the big difference here is that the new Miru is really actuate to an actual Miru. One of my favorite parts (although unintentional) is the texture. It looks really battle worn and damaged. Very authentic in my opinion.The base is still cardboard, but it has several coats of bondo covering it. The inside is covered in felt, as well as the mouth holds. The eyes use a material similar to (if not exactly) a motorcycle helmet. It also uses an adjustable strap.

Mouth opening

The mask also features a mouth piece which can open enough to allow for small snacks to be eaten, as well as a straw for drinking. Much better than the paper I had before.

The mask was created by Varderan. He was up to doing it, and I payed for all the materials used to create it, as well as shipping and labor. I’m really amazed by the work he did, and really happy to have moved on into a new, more comfortable mask that is much higher in quality.

Thank you all for joining us for the ride, and expect to see a lot more of the new Miru in the future! See ya!


Love it, will be doing fanart of it, and it’s beautiful.

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I totally called it.


GG, I really like this mask much better than the old one, mostly because hit one is much better done XD. The old one annoyed me with its… asymmetricality…
Thanks @IllustriousVar

I miss the ghetto look of the old one, but at least this one has an adjustable strap. What will you do with the old one now?




Jajaja my vote is for live burning on MakutaFest, let’s make it happen. Grand prize is the ashes.

Or you could give it away? That’s a thought

GG Var, it’s a fantastic design and it’s leaps and bounds better than the old one. Happy that you like it, Eljay.



Pretty fantastic job, @IllustriousVar! Great to see a more professional Miru for Eljay!

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I had been thinking fora while the Miru could use an update. This looks really nice! The new eyes are the best part IMO, doesn’t give you the weird depth that wearing sunglasses underneath the old one had.


kinda makes your head look big

but hey at least its accurate =3

oh i am so losing my job now


I hadn’t really noticed how ramshackle the old one was until I saw this one next to it. Fantastic job, Var!


Heh, I was the first one to call it on the post
I remember quite awhile back you mentioned about getting a new miru so I assumed that was it


so there was another Miru under the Miru…
Great job @IllustriousVar


Shazam! That looks awesome. Much sleeker, more like the Miru itself.


Hmm… will the old Miru be one of the prizes for Makutafest?


A new era begins!


Awesome design! I love the mouth opening.
@Eljay is your new mask heavy at all?

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I approve.

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Very nice.

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