The New Virtues

Alright guys, I’m back, and I’ve made use of a few new parts to redo two TTV mocs, AND include a new member of TTV. The first redone MOC is of our very own Viper, because I felt like I could represent her in a better way than before.

Pardon the imperfections of these pics, my camera and I don’t seem to be compatible anymore.

So yeah. Here’s Viper.

Here’s a close up of her wings. She wanted wings to begin with but I was never sure how to do them until now. =P

The next redone MOC is my self-moc, because while I did like the way it looked, I thought I could change a few things, and make my own unique build rather than basing 90% of it off of someone else’s creation.

I did keep a few ideas from before, but as you guys can see, now 90% of the MOC is my own doing.

And finally, a NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! Based on one of our newest cast additions, I present to you all, ExxTrooper!

Yes, that is a black Noble Jutlin. And yes, I did paint it myself. =P I had a talk with Exx about how he wanted to look, and he wanted a bit of a mystic creature with the color scheme of black and tan, like one of his own MOCs. We picked out the Noble Jutlin based on another one of his creations that he wanted me to use for reference, and I took the liberty of painting it.


Thanks for checking it out, yall. Have a good day, and expect a few more creations posted by me fairly soon. At some point, I WILL make a Takuma MOC, so don’t worry. I didn’t forget about him.


Simply lovely! The one weird thing is all the white with viper but it still looks great!

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The TTV Self MOCs look sweet!
Especially Ex’s.

Viper has the same basic colour scheme of Zaktan :stuck_out_tongue:

Exx looks way too demonic to be a good guy, but it’s not really something you should change, if it’s Exx’s own request

Var is my favourite, plus he is buff, like in real life!


Exx looks absolutely menacing. I particularly like the retro-technic wings.

I really like the creative design of Viper’s wings as well. The Kohrok shields are an interesting twist but really seem to work well.


These look good! I have a question though. Are you going to make Takuma?

Viper is an angel with those wings! A Zaktan-fan angel!
Ven is looking like a brute-boss! The silver-blue looks great!
Exx is really something, definitely a cool creation. Kind of makes me think of Bitil/Jetbug/Waspix.


Excellent work Ven, as always.

Interestingly enough, the so-called

seem (especially on Viper) to give the MOCs a more otherworldly/godlike appearance. Which I find quite fitting.


great work man! hope that Takuma will come soon!

“I present to you all, Ugly Mesonak!”
Seriously, though, I like all these guys.


Oh wow
This looks nice
but the wings feel poorly executed
they look bulky

Woah, that looks nice
The legs in general seem a bit too small
Or maybe the arms are a bit too big

This looks nice
No real complaints

They look gorgeous

any plans on other revamps of the other MOCs of TTV or is this it?

These are really good! I like them all but I have to say Viper is my favourite of the three. They remind me of the new avengers

Exx looks awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesomeeeeeeee!!!

Mmm… That group shot.

Just pointing out that they aren’t self-Mocs.

I agree, though I disagree that they look bulky. The obvious light grey technic bugs me here, and takes away from the “wing” affect.


Love Exx’s aesthetic! Not a massive fan of the wings on Viper. They don’t flow extremely well IMO.


“Deceit and self interest will never be the virtues that the Matoran honor!”

I like all 3. I haven’t listened to any podcasts (sorry), but if you base Exx of his voice, I may or may not start listening.

When I say, may or may not, I mean when I have the time

you monster