The NIGHTMARE: Czarkor

Original Version:

Has waist articulation (up and down).

Comment, Critique, etc.


The chest, the feet are disproportionate, the arms stick out, and around the stomach area the blades look awkward. Anyway great moc. :grin: Also no neck.

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…elaborate? :stuck_out_tongue:

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As shown in pictures 1 2 and 3, you can clearly see the arms can’t go straight down, not sure if its the armor.

this is the first moc of yours I actually like!

its a nice looking moc man, the feet are awkward, and the yellow banana thing is off putting, but otherwise I luv it


They can go straight down. I just posed it with its arms splayed out because it looked cooler

:smile: It’s an Electromagnetic whip

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An electro banana whip. The most powerful tool of all.


Its too OP

please nerf it


RIP rectangle body… Never forget…


The original one was great (apart from the rectangle body) but this one…

  • whistles *
    This is amazing.
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The blades on the upper part of the legs look a bit awkward, but apart from that its an amazing MOC :smile:

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Better nerf Greninja.

Dang, this is definitely an improvement! Rectangular torso is gone, so that’s good. The only thing I have to say is that he could have a bit more flow. Overall though this is a major improvement! Nice job!

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I only wish it had thumbs

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I just now gave him a thumb on his right hand using this:


Much better than the original version,kudos.

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Czarkor looks awesome!
But the blue pins are noticeable and that yellow piece at the chest feels unnecessary.

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He doesn’t have a blocky torso.

I still don’t like it but it is one step up from the original.

How can I improve?

I for one, like it. It’s not perfect by any means, but it is good.