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Another favorite of mine who inspired me and reshaped my perspective on many things in regards to film, story writing, speaking style, etc.

What do you think of the critic? What were some of his best moments or reviews?




Care to elaborate on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

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I like him, but his older reviews where better than the newer ones.


I like his reviews, but I’ve never seen any of his Legend of Korra or Adventure Time Vlogs.

The Nick Cage Month movie reviews were some of his best.

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Is he better than me at being a critic?

I regards to critiquing films?..sure (never knew you were a critic).

So I just watched his Les Mis review.
Not my favorite, but pretty close.

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I watch him once in a while

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I prefer his newer reviews solely because I thought the skits in the old ones weren’t really too funny for me, personally. However I still watch the old ones, I just skip the skits. His reactions are hilarious, especially in the Son of The Mask review, because I remember how disturbing that film was as a kid.
The Toa Nuva’s Kanohi’s nailed to the walls of a trophy room.
A family picture!


My favourite review of his, is still to this day his Batman and Robin review. Many have come close but none made me laugh like THE BAT CREDIT CARD?!

I hate the skits.

And he whines way too much.

But overall, he’s pretty cool.

Favorite review: Avatar (ft. Zuko and his lost honor)

He is alright… I guess he is starting to slowly die out, though…

So… Who’s seen the Gaming Wildlife/ NC crossover trailer?

I think his comedic segments work, but he goes over-the-top trying to prove a point about a movie and often gets things incorrect. He’s said certain films are terrible and then went on to support worse films by saying they are ‘not that bad’

His older reviews are better as his newer reviews focus more around skits


He’s dead to me, ever since he came back from “retirement” he’s lost that spark.

I swear, on this guy’s obituary, they should just lie and not say how he really died, and just put “HE WAS FROZEN TODAY!”

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I don’t really like him. His jokes don’t come across as clever to me, and I’m really put off by his language in otherwise okay reviews. It breaks the flow of everything and just comes across as cliche whenever he drops an F.
I liked his review on SharkBoy and LavaGirl though, that was pretty funny.