The Nu'umrak

Probably the biggest MOC I've made; the design is based on -->
After seeing that, I challenged myself to make a similar creature out of only black parts.

Here it is

I made him gappy so that he would look more like a skeleton.
He has giant claws and a large tail for balance.

He is so big he doesn't fit in the background!

With the tail he is very long.

He's got a rib cage too! (even if it's hard to see)

Once again the black vahki head comes in to save me.

The eyes are where the normal vahki head's are, but It's hard to see because everything's black.

Abducting the brain of Poukohu.

A size comparison.

What are you doing?!

Let go of her!


[footage not found]


This is the stuff of nightmares


Officially blackest MOC I've ever seen. Thank you for mentioning Andrakis. Also, I'd like to point out that I don't seem to recognise an eye or something this creaure can see. Maybe I'm blind or I don't know (pun not originally intended, but can happen), but I really would like to see where the eyes are. Good job making this monster of a MOC (in a good way - mostly because of his size), and would love to see how he (she? it?) turns out to look as maybe with an upgrade.

Edit: Dang, @Rockho , you beat me again in speed :smile:


0_o spoooooky


I added a picture, the eyes are where the normal vahki's are but the camera doesn't seem to want to focus on it.

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I mean, that could be the only pair of colored piece, because the eyeholes look like the empty, soulless void, and I think that if you give a MOC even a white piece for eyes, it'll stand out just enough to have an eye or at least it'll show that this is not an apparation of some kind of ghost. Don't take it the wrong way, but I think that he still needs a pair of eyes. :smile:

seizure warning?
But seriously, I think I'm going to keep it black for consistency.

Consistent is not always a good thing. :smile: But that's your MOC, do what with it you please.

I understand you were going for a skeletal look, but... The gappiness still looks pretty bad.
Other than that, for a monochrome moc, this thing looks sweet!