The NuvaTube Community

I welcome you to the new set of BioTubers. These Biotubers will rise to the top and be known as the new meaning for BioTube. They are known as the Nuvatubers. We have,

Shadow Destroyer
Toa Of Shadows
Mined Over Mind

Old members return...
William Furno
Custom Bionicle

We are here.


Shadowgear, as ClockworkTempest? stuck_out_tongue
He's still mocing smiley

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Never knew

March 5th- removed original post to leave my thoughts here:
Reviewing these channels now, all gamers or news reporters.
Not really biotubers.
Ugh, seems every biotuber out there has either left or uses WMM.
That or they're some idiot making their channel into a vevo parody.


Yeah, you guys mostly make Galidor videos.



This is something that's really veering into Promotions and Advertising (which is only for Masters, as seen in the Trust Level guidelines). It's not right now, but I can easily see this as a chance to "mention my channel" or "offhandedly mention my channel".

On the other hand, though, I do get that some people want a place to just talk about BioTube. I'll discuss this a little internally, but I want to hear what you guys say too. I'll set this topic to close in three days, and if the discussion warrants something more, I'll reopen it.


Also, can someone pls tell me, what the BioTube-war was about?

I don't know, but I'm fairly certian it was Edictarts going around being a meanie to everyone.


I hope I don't ever get considered a Gen2 origin Biotuber. I've been around for months before that.

Shame I only have 18 subs though. Not a ton of inspiration to work on a massive stopmotion series project but hey, I'm better than a good majority of people when it comes to the sub department.

Wow. Shameless self promotion much.

Anyway, I'm considering different names for New Biotube because NuvaTube wouldn't make much sense to Gen2 members.

Bio2b =D


Funnily enough, this was done immediately after this was posted. Just gonna go ahead and remind you guys of this.


I probably should start a YouTube chanel before I would be considered a gen2 guy, but instead to try(the only way to succeed right?) to be known as a nuvatuber, since I have been into bionicle for many years (2005-). But on the subject of biotube, it would be most interesting to see what other people think of the various biotubers that have either left/recently returned and the ones who have stayed active all the way.

Ps. gotta say it was great seeing people like Shadow Destroyer and LordOfBionicles to rise in their popularity.

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NuvaTube. Huh, I like it. If my channel gets up and running, I'd probably end up being categorized as a NuvaTuber.

Heh, I love Shadow Destroyers vids. Amazing how how he grew so fast,😄

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Trying to do more Bio-Tube stuff, gotta work on that. Anyways I'll probably check out the channels soon.

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I guess I'm technically a Nuvatuber (what's with the categorizing stuck_out_tongue) like Altron stuck_out_tongue

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