The Official CRYOSHELL Fan Club

Who loves Cryoshell? I sure do. A lot.


Uh, I've heard only their Bionicle songs. >.>

I prolly should check out their newest album. I mean, I enjoy their sound it's just...I dunno. Haven't bothered.


Again, I've only heard the stuff used for Bionicle. I really like it though smiley

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Murky is best song

My favourites, No More Words and Murky smile
I don't know why, but No More Words reminds me of Teridax through the perspective of someone who is manipulated by him, even though I don't think it's a bionicle song.

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I really love No More Words, The Room, Falling, and strangely, Breakout.

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i really like falling! why? because this tribute is epic!

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No. Because any Bionicle Tribute involving a Cryoshell song is epic.

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Took a listen after you said this, and yeah, I totally get what you mean with Murky. 8D

I enjoyed both of them, though.

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Its a guilty pleasure for me because I love the lyrics but at the same time the words are....cheesey. Otherwise the music is great.


It is better than most of the popular songs nowadays.