The OFFICIAL Helryx08 Self-MoC- The Assassin

Here it is! Follow my adventures as I dip into the world of Self-MoC making! I will make several versions, and c/c is VERY much welcomed. Enjoy!


I don't see any photos at all on this topic...

the post suggests that this will be a WIP topic... sweat_smile

Oh, may bad. blush

I should have clarified. Expect pictures sometime tomorrow. I took a bunch, and I just didn't feel like sifting through them tonight.

Can't wait to see them! smiley

Helryx08 Self-MoC V.1

Well, this is it. About Two and a half hours of building, I finally created something that I really like. Nothing is final. C/C, if you please.

The torso is pretty much entirely my own Technic design.

For once, I actually like the armour coverage I achieved on the back of a MoC.

I hope you enjoy. Expect a re-coloured version soon. Enjoy!


Dang, that's pretty darn good (love the old-school heads on the torso).



The arm positioning is a bit awkward.

If you want a suggestion, I would try modifying the arms a bit. The use of HF joints for the shoulders looks sort of awkward. Despite this, you did a great job with the MOC. My favorite portions of it is the torso and how you made use of some spare Mata heads.

I wasn't all that happy with the arms. I spent a lot of time, but couldn't figure out another way to connect the arms.

Love the body and the coloration!!! Great integration of "canon" parts (like the silver technic piece on his pelvic region) and new pieces! Seriously, one of the best custom bodies I've ever seen!!
I just can't get over his shoulders though...

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Someone please... I can't figure how to fix the shoulders! Help!

I wonder if this will provide you some assistance:

Helryx08 Self-MoC V.1 ('Fixed')

Rejoice! The shoulders are better! Also, White and Black is good.

Enjoy! As always, c/c is helpful.


Nice addition of white pieces! His weapon looks better than before! Still need to improve the shoulders, but it looks great otherwise.

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Helryx08 Self MoC V. 1 Update

Not much different, but I still like this better.

Suggestions? Comments? Enjoy!


The torso seems a little too tall.
The Metru Nui Matoran body looks like it has two bulges (Mata heads) coming off the sides.

Perhaps you could shorten the torso.

The weapons seem a little slim, but if that's your taste then keep em' smile

Really nice build technique. Happy building! smiley