The Okotan Horse Moc

This is my moc of a potential horse like creature that would make the traveling time quicker for villagers.

It has clawed feet and horns to fight off hostile creatures and evil entities and a long snout to find edible planets to eat.

Please critic and such, this still has room for improvement and I'm open to suggestions.

This looks really cool, with the head being my favorite part. :smile:

I'd say the only thing I don't like is the back feet, but that's just a minor nitpick.

I misread this as "time traveling".

I though this said time travel at first. any way great MOC.


This looks like one of Apocalypse's horsemen would ride it.


Horses, aren't real, silly!

The MoC is awesome

I find the inclusion of claws interesting, really makes it feel otherworldly.

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"Well that's a pretty cool drawing" :unamused:

scrolls down

Holy cow that's very impressive!!! :open_mouth:

Nice. Not that many horses in Bionicle, probably because there are hardly any grazing lands or farms. The back feet should be a tad smaller but other than that I really like this.

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it's a nice horse

Nice MOC.

This is coooool! I love the head and torso though the legs and feet don't look to horse like so maybe change that

Wow. Spectacular. Only complaint is that the back feet don't seem to fit the athsetic, but like I said, nit pick.

It looks great!

But I think it's a little too demonic looking (not in general design, just part/armor shell selection) for a seemingly peaceful animal.

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What a twist!
Ya I can see what your saying in the chest region.

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Could have done to have one of these to get around in MNOG 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Great work

I can imagine all the Protectors riding into battle on these. A cool idea executed very well. :smile:

As a criticism, I recommend bulking up the torso a little.

This is an awesome MOC, man!

I don't have too much to say about this MOC, it does exactly what it was meant to and it looks pretty darn good doing it.
I also love the drawing you made for it, so great job on that as well! :smile:

(A) Access Fast-travel :smile:

Jokes aside, looks cool, functions cool, = cool.

The back feet are a bit weird, I think itwould look better if the back and front feet were he same. other than that, it looks really good!