The Organizations of the Bionicle Universe

The Brotherhood of the Makuta, The Hand of Artakha, the Dark Hunters, and the Order of Mata Nui. Man, just the introduction of these entities made the Bionicle universe seem so huge, and the introduction of the Brotherhood/Dark Hunter war and the all out war between the Order of Mata Nui and the Brotherhood gave the end of Bionicle a Lord of the Rings vibe, and the increadible characters in these organizations and their sheer power wowed me as a kid, and still does as a teen. So does anyone think any organizations on this scale will appear in Gen 2? Will the Order return, maybe LoSS is a Dark Hunter drop out! The possibilities are endless! smile


I'd love it if we found out there were other mask makers maybe in different lands. I think that'd be more interesting then there being only Makuta and Ekimu. Also, for all we know there are other more powerful forces than Ekimu and Makuta out there.


I will be seriously crushed if the Dark Hunters don't return.

Vortixx making a comeback would be awesome as well.


I'd love Lego to build it up like Ekimu is allpowerful, but in actuality he's part of the order and the skull villains are dead dark hunters that he fought before Makuta went evil.


I know this won't happen, but I'd laugh so hard if the new toa sent some enemy like the Bahrag through like a portal, and it was implied it sent them to the original story. That'd be great.


This should totally make a comeback. :laughing:

Why no, I'm not biased. Why do you ask?

In seriousness, I personally loved the depth the universe gained by slowly but surely introducing us to these shadowy organizations. They really did (at least imo) hold up to what they promised to be when you first heard of them and they weren't rushed into the story for the most part