The Origin of Vakama's Visions?

Me and my brother discussed this a while back. This is the deduction we got from our discussion:

Onewa always said Vakama was cross-wired, and believed he got his visions from looking into the fire for too long. Now, many of this look as if this is just a joke. But perhaps he is right!

Now, if we look at MNOG and other BIONICLE media from 2001-2003, Vakama always knew the prophecy. We could see in MNOG that he always seemed to face the fire for some strange reason, and afterwards, he knew exactly what was going to happen next. He seemed to know prophecy the other Turaga always knew, and we deducted that this was because of his so-called visions.

But what was the origins of these visions? Did he have something wrong with his mind, which allowed him to see destinies while others did not? Perhaps.

You see, Vakama was a forger, it was his Matoran job. But soon after Lhikan's disappearance, Vakama began to have visions. We started to deduct that perhaps Vakama, being near the fire much longer than other Matoran, may have had some things going on with his brain. We don't know what makes it like that, all we know is that fire helps him look into the future.

Although, a few ideas came to mind:
1. While trying to make the Mask of Time, all the fails had a little bit of the power, which affected his mind so he could see into the future by visions.
2. The Great Beings made him so he had a, literally, cross-wired mind, so he could see the destinies of others.
3. Members of the Order of Mata Nui have been known to come into visions, like Krakau, and perhaps Lhikan was a secret member of the Order, giving the leader of the new Toa Metru guidance to defeat Makuta and his plot. In the process, looking into the fire triggered something in Vakama's mind, which gives him visions so that he can see the future and other destinies.

In the story, the origins of Vakama's visions are unexplained. Greg has not even given an answer to why his visions happen.

So, this topic was made. Discuss your ideas on why Vakama gets his visions! Do you agree with my ideas? Or do you have different ideas! Reply!


Vakama gets visions because he is The Special.


cus mata nui said, hey look this guy who I planted the idea that wasnt destined, but in truth was destined in makutas brain
I think I will give him magic seeing powers


Possibly onto something. I want to say that his first and second visions (Find the great disks!) were the result of a traumatic event and an attempt to make up for "failing" Lhikan and letting him get kidnapped. You can see that Vakama's visions before he started forming the Vahi were loosely about proving himself/the other toa, whereas after he started forging the mask, his visions became less self-focused and more about events in the future,which is possibly the result of the Vahi's energies being kinda dispersed as he was making it. This could also be because he had already gotten the disks, but almost none of his other visions really directly involve himself.

I do like the fire idea though, like how some people can see shapes in the fire and whatnot.


I'm glad you mentioned this because I was pondering what would have caused Vakama's visions for some time now.

Has anyone asked Greg about this on the Message Boards?

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Vakama is Shulk.


Vakama got visions of the future because he is actually Ekimu and Ekimu is from the future.


I did after this post. smiley

Also, update on this. BIOsector01 says this:

"The Sacred Fire was a continuously burning fire that Turaga Vakama purportedly used to divine prophecies. In reality, Vakama used the fire as a cover for the visions that he continued to receive as a Turaga, though the fire did help him concentrate."

So me and my brother were kinda right about our idea.


I'm beginning to think that Vakama's visions are related to how Gail could create mental links with people. What if each Toa has a special mental ability?


Maybe so. I always wondered how Gali uses her mental link with Takua...

This is what I believe.

Gali was known to have been in sync with her own element to the point that she could feel when a body of water changed. Greg confirmed that Matoran need water to survive, like we do.

So with these facts in mind it could be possible that Gali was able to create a mental link between her and Takua by the water that sustains both of their bodies.

I always thought mental links were just another Av-Matoran ability. Not that that explains why Gali knew she could form a link with Takua.
Oh, wait, I just remembered something. Gali does it again in Takanuva's blog... and it's not explained there, either. Never mind.

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If Vakama can use forsight.....

Gali can use telepathy.....

It's possible that other Toa could have unique abilities as such.....

Lewa gained the ability to "hear" Krana even after being taken out of the swarm. That could count for something.


I got nothing else.


He's insane. It's as simple as that stuck_out_tongue

Probably doing one too many karzhani roots


It's because he's addicted to maridermis.

uctualy as turaga both vakama,nokama and nuju saw future
nokama in the pound of water in middle of her hut
vakama by sacred fire
nuju by foccusing in the universe via meditation
so thats out
then galis mental link isn,t realy special as lewa,pohatu and kopaka thid it too with tamna,photok and solek
so thats out to so ithink it was will of mata nui

The “Sacred fire” was just the way Vakama explained away his visions so he didn’t look crazy to the Matoran. The visions were from him, the fire was just a fire.



Maybe being in line with the great sprit allowed him to have these visions.

yeah but still all ways in mnog nuju was the one who they looked at when proficies of future and visions