The Piraka Animations Discussion

Halfway into the game:

Meso: "Whoever suggested that I played ruined me!"

@Mesonak, pls don't hurt me. stuck_out_tongue

Anyways, discuss here about your nostalgic trip through the non-canon interactive animations featuring the Piraka and the Toa Inika! What did you like? What didn't you like?

I remember how the music in the beginning really freaked me out as a kid, so I would skip the intro as fast as I could. stuck_out_tongue


I didn't remember any of the mini-games except for the last one. I remember I liked it, but I had a hard time with it. Which is odd, because in hindsight it seems rather easy.


Same. It was fun but a pain.

I think that the Piraka animations were great, despite feeling like it was missing a few things.

My cousin on the other hand thinks that the Piraka animations were the greatest things to ever set pixels on his computer screen.

I loved the piraka animations, I remember waiting for new ones to come out, the only one i hated doing was Avak's game where you blow up the mountain because I made it to like 95 and time ran out


the second ep consists of meso going sanic speed


I think that the following years suffered from not having stuff like this. The next couple years are great though.

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I don't know why to make these. It is clear that they were made to promote products, but it would be nice if they tell an actual story, not some non-canon garbage. And it is also doubtful how big promotion value is for Inika, as half of them are wrong colored.

I love the Piraka animations. Watching these brought back a lot of memories for me.

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They were probably just an "extra" thing they did just for the kids to enjoy. The Inika that they were using were probably prototypes stuck_out_tongue

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I really do wish it was more cannon. weary

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Because having the Toa Inika dormant in rocks shaped like their masks, inside a giant booby-trapped cave (presumably designed by the Toa Inika themselves) makes so much sense in canon. stuck_out_tongue



Yeah what was up with that? Why not have the toa show up at the very least? Why were they just in those rocks? What were they doing there? Do they get bored?

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why not

Well they're the matoran from Mata-Nui, so how did they get there and why?


dont think so hard it non-cannon

My brain! Who wrote this?!? It don't make no sense!



I liked these animations quite a bit back in the day, although the final minigame was kinda weird and the Inika matching things confused me.

The Piraka's actions seemed surprisingly sporadic to a six/seven year old me, and gave them a feel that I wasn't used to with villains. I had always assumed villains were organized and deliberate like the Makuta's forces and Bohrok had been in previous years.

Not to mention that the animations have a pretty cool comic book aesthetic and relatively good quality to them that's apparent when you don't have a horrible computer.