The Pirate Captain

He’s a kooky captain on all the seven seas.

Out for conquest and treasure, this pirate will stop at nothing to smite your hopes and dreams and steal your plunder.

Or will he?

Here’s a view from the back.

Thoughts, comments, and criticism are welcome as always.


He doesn’t really seem to show any elements that make me think of a pirate, to be entirely honest…


Looks more like a clown


I was going for a more subtle pirate look, and yeah, the red nose probably doesn’t help. He primarily uses colors that are associated with the sea or sea life, he’s decked out in chains, and he holds two small swords.

The model looks incomplete, theirs potential, but the silly design doesn’t work.

I can see where you’re coming from. What would you suggest?

You mean the two chains around his ankles? Not seeing any others.

There’s one that’s draped over his chest, with blue and white studs attached.

I see it now. Still, pirates are known for being dark and dull in color, I’d look at the captain orange beard MOC for ideas.

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