The Pros of Bad Bionicle Sets

We all know that bionicle had some pretty rubbish sets over the years Solek, Rahaga, the stars, kardatoran, basically any small set released after 2008 in gen 1, LOSS, Skull scorpio, Ketar, etc.
So I’ve created this topic to get people to think about the Good side to these bad sets, if there is any
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Parts packs.


Good substitute for firewood when I’m camping.


I guess there’s always the masks you get in crappy sets, even though they’re sometimes weak, and it’s never bad to get more parts. With Ketar, getting some more tan parts could help upgrade Pohatu :smile: but I can’t think of many good sides to the actual set haha
Also crappy sets make an easy way to make jokes :wink:


I never got why people don’t like the Rahaga. They’ve got the awesome Rahtooka spinners, dark colored rahkshi heads and bohrok feet, and were all around good small sets.


That’s exactly why people disliked them: they’re clone set hodgepodges of previous parts built entirely around the Rhotuka launcher. Not to mention they were certainly lacking in the looks department.

That being said like many other supposably bad set they do have a sort of charm to them, but my feelings from 2005 remain the same.


Pretty much all small sets are clone sets, and they look about as good as the Av build sets, if not better. And, hey, if you’ve got a cool gimmick, you’re going to milk it for all it’s worth.

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Shooting practice targets


The main pro of these sets is that they aren’t actually bad, so that when you get them you learn a valuable lesson about ignoring self-appointed “experts”. :wink:


I quite like the rahaga - not because they were any good, but because 05 was the first year I got into Bionicle, and my father would buy me one of those “cool little robot things” when we went to the next city. It wasn’t until around 09 that I actually began getting into the story at all.

So I guess they had kid appeal? I mean, when I was a kid, they were awesome!

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Crappy sets give us parts for bigger mocs.

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Parts packs and mock pawns to use in a theoretical explosive firefight.

Ketar: Parts Pack, though not executed well, there is a nice choice of colors, Functionality

Skull Scorpio: Parts Pack, Functionality, Technic, and he actually looks kind of presentable.

Av-Matoran: Look Presentable, Mata Feet, Masks, the Torso’s alright, and they have good Weapons.

Shadow Matoran: Look Presentable, Masks, Parts, Recolors, Creative Version of Av-Matoran Build.

Agori: Vibrant Colors, Weapons, Good Parts, and Recolors. EDIT: Look Presentable

Stars: Same Pros, Nostalgia, Classics, and GOLD

Solek’s mask is Gr8.

Well the stars were pretty alright especially Tahu and Takanuva

What about the most underrated Bonkle set? Good guy? Great parts pack, great character (as of Reviving boinicle) I don’t see why people hate him.


aside from making bad destruction jokes, it’s impossible to speak about the good things about bad sets on a broad scale. but the best answer would be “some feature unique to that set”. Whether it be a massive amount of Technic parts (LOSS) or a cool/unique mask (Solek).

The good side: Parts packs

This Pro does not count for: any karda-toran set. Especially Solek.


What do Av and Shadow Matoran look presentable but Agori do not? Also, do Stars count as Av Matoran or Agori?

Only in build, well technically speaking takanuva could count as an av matoran