The Rama Mutant

Ever have a silly idea for a moc and just know that you have to build it? because thats what happened here.

This is a silly moc, don't take it seriously

sorry about the quality, I need a new lightbulb

As for this moc being a Makuta that's just a silly thought but...

Ramnus (Ram-nus) was a Rahi creator that was rather devoted to her work, perhaps to much and was obsessed with using her shape shifting powers, often changing to incorporate parts of the creatures she found interesting.


Mata Nui that colour scheme is amazing


Yea I was surprised with how well the green and orange work.

thank you.

when you look at it you think this is not silly in any way it's a very interesting build


Very nice! She seems to be fond of the Nui-Rama.

I love the insectoid look of the legs, abdomen, and torso. The head looks very nice as well. I like the colorscheme, but I think the Orange and Lime should have been spread out across the whole body instead of just their respective sides. The arms could use a little work as well. Otherwise this is a very beautiful MOC!

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I haven't seen insectoid Makuta done very often outside of the Mistika sets... This looks really good, though. Props!

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I really like this, the insectoid look of the legs and torso is spot on as is the color scheme. Not to sure about the arms though.

Lower legs look a little too thin, but I like the look and the colors!

This is amazing!

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
Lower legs though look very thin.

That's a Cool moc !

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Well I was going for an insectoid look so that's why the legs are thin.