The Real Reason Kahi Was Fired (megaofficial)

She didn’t really do a good job then.


you either live long enough to see yourself become the incel or you die a gentlemen


serious contender for mental gymnast gold medal right here


wow, just now discovering this

not very epic at all, that’s all i have to say


Me too. I stepped away from TTV unintentionally(as in I was busy IRL for a time and planned to catch up but that didn’t happen and I was gone until a month or so a go) back around the start of the second wave of Gen2 and so much has changed, Elljay apparently got fired and rehired, Kahi got fired and outed as IMO a scumbag and viper changed her name among a bunch of stuff. **** got real and I missed it.

This summer Kahi is the Joker


I’ve been inactive for a very long time to come and find this. Ouch.


So that’s why he got banned from BZP. (I think he got banned from there too? If not, he should have been.)

As someone who has gone through a similar story, I’ll say this man deserved everything he got. The victims will need to forgive for their own sanity, but that is a process that takes time - and this person should never be allowed back even after that. Forgiveness doesn’t mean trusting evil people.

And no, I haven’t read the doc yet, but even knowing there was another case of this going on in the Bionicle community…shakes head. I’ll get around to reading when I have the time to be sick for a week.