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Looked down at least even or eight articals and they all contained content I wouldn’t post here for fear of a ban.

Edit: After further research, it would appear that I mixed up the change demographics between Transgenders and Homosexuals. It actually increases among young adults and takes a drop after the age of 30, dwindling as the demographics age.

Oh gosh I’m sorry bro.

Aw, bro, that sucks.
Best of luck in, well, whatever other endeavors you’ve got going on, whether it be getting another GF or doing well in school.

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As for my love life, I recently had a relapse to my last ex but that was resolved quickly. I’m just kinda chillin, waiting, observing behavior, etc.

observing behavior

That sounds like stalking to me. Better to move on and talk to other girls as quickly as possible without waiting. You know there are movies that encourage this type of behavior but in reality it never works. I wasted time obsessing over a girl once and it only made things worse. There is no hope with her. You might as well be trying to shove a friction pin into an axle hole. All you’ll do is tear your pin apart.

Remember there are literally hundreds of thousands of people of the opposite sex that you haven’t met yet, so odds are there is a lonely person out there that is compatible with you.


Oh no that’s not what I meant. I just meant kinda like people watching but with your friends, and during interactions. Things like how do they respond to this?what does he do when I destroy him with a draw four? Not necessarily behavior of girls just ppl in general

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That still sounds like stalking to me…

I’m not just like watching ppl or something, I’m having a different mindset when I’m interacting with them

He’s keeping in mind their behaviors as he goes through daily life.
I often do the same thing, although not to see if theres a girl I like, etc.

Well it’s not to see if there’s any I like so much as likes me, so I prepare for how to handle the situation

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Thats basically what I meant…
Except I worded it wrong. Lol.

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There’s apparently some prom/ball thingy a lot of home-schooled teenagers go to, but I refuse to go next year. I mean what’s the point? I could be updating my Bricklink store instead. Should I go?

Also, before anyone asks, I am in the midst of making a new account. I won’t use this hand-me-down one anymore.


That would be considered a duplicate account and both would be subsequently banned.


You could probably just change the name and profile pic to something that better suits you, I would think.


Umm, Tennabrae said this [quote=“TenebraeInvictus, post:3417, topic:13, full:true”]
Yes, just make a new account please.

I’m sure Eljay and I can easily reach a consensus on the issue. Since he’s allegedly borrowing his friend’s account, he should get his own account.

So IF that isn’t true and it is the original account owner after all, then yes he would get banned for having a duplicate.


Okay you guys should probably do this, because I like Eljay and hope no arguments spawn from this

DOUBLE Exactly. I was talking to one of my teachers in a chat room with some fellow students about our goals and dreams, and the teacher said “Well as some of you know, I started dating my now-husband when I was 14 and a few months into our relationship we decided to marry.” We were all shocked.

Me: That was an unnerving answer.

Other Student: O.o hides

Teacher: Lol, that it took six years for us to marry?

Me: No, the fact that you were fourteen. I’m fourteen and that rattles me.

Teacher: Lol, at that age I took it way too seriously. I’m glad that I was protected from bad choices lol

I just sat there thinking “Yea ya done did take it seriously.”

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Actually, It’s legal in Utah, and I believe Louisiana and Alabama in America to get married at the age of fourteen, with parental consent. I could never understand why.

Just Ignore this because I was completely wrong about the point of the previous comment.

[spoiler]I don’t think that you got the point. She didn’t marry at age 14. She got married at age 20. She just decided when she was 14 that she would marry her now-husband when it was legal to do so.

Also, that sounds creepy to get married at 14.[/spoiler]

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