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I should write some songs about my experiences. I bet I could kill the Nirvana-unplugged-style.

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4 years of actively trying to date… Not a single date. Rip


Sorry bro. I’ve never been on a literal date. I’ve met up with mutual interest friends and stuff but they’ve either been not allowed to actually date or she was hanging out with friends somewhere and she invited me just to come see her

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Not going to go to in depth. But I’ve figured what my problem is :confused: .
I’m what’s called an ace. It basically means your not interested in anyone of the opposite gender. It’s super annoying to have, and now i wish i was dead (jk).
Anyone else feel this way?

I’m a problem in the exact opposite direction. When I find a girl I like I end up getting extremely attatched and invested knowing fully well the whole time that it will end in depression.


so am I


What a coincidence :expressionless:

@MaximusPrimal There’s a chance yours won’t always end badly. A large chance. But then again, it all depends on the girl. If you don’t mind me asking, do you currently have a girlfriend?

Me, on the other hand… I’m sort of lucky now that I think about it, as I can have a peaceful life collecting Lego in a dark room. Heaven, right? Like who even wants to have a loving wife and a happy family?

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I know, but it’s dificult to have a positive look on all this. I’ve had 4 major crushes I can think of. Only one ended in an actual relationship, and it was horrible. The other three just ended in heartbreak. Though luckily I’m still good firends with one of them.

Unfortunately no. I am incredibly lonely.


Most people reach a point where they need a relationship, not just friends.

Do you think it has anything to do with you and your partners age?
I don’t know if you’re in your 20’s, but if you’re still a teen, all I’m saying is maybe you and your partners need more experience. I’m not one to give good advice, but just trying to help.

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Whelp, just got turned down by the girl I like. Oh well. I mean, I guess I kinda expected it.

[spoiler]I don’t know, I just feel like I should feel something. Like, almost uncontrollably sad or something, but like, nothing. Actually almost a bit of laughter, like “Huh, guess I was right.” Maybe I’d just already come to terms with it?

I don’t know and honestly I’m legit kinda a little scared. [/spoiler]


Aw, man, that sucks.

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That’s part of what I mean. Like, I know it sucks, and it feels like I should be sad, but it’s just like…nothing. Like “Huh, oh well.” It actually kinda concerns me.

It means that you either expected it, are really chill, or never really liked her in the first place.
Sometimes people think they like someone, but they dont as much as they thought.
Or it could be you had a crush on her for a while, but by the time you asked her, you kinda didn’t like her as much.

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I did like her and I’m pretty much a paranoid mess I mean for a bit there I was super scared she actually hated me, so it’s probably the first option.

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That is exactly what I wish I could do. The last two crushes I’ve had I knew from the get go that it wouldn’t work.

You know your track record. You know how this is going to end. Don’t get attached because this will only end in more pain.

But no matter how hard I tried, I got attached, I found out it wouldn’t work, which I really knew the whole time, and I couldn’t get over it. I couldn’t just shrug it off. Each time it happens I’m crushed for days or even weeks. Its the kind of hurt I see coming from a mile away but no matter what I do or how hard I try, the pain never gets better. It never lightens up. Each and every time it hurts so bad. Sometimes I try to convince myself that I don’t need love. Thay I can live without it. That I can go on without a partner and be just happy, but all that does is make the pain worse.


I told myself the same thing. “It’ll be just like last time, you’ll get yourself worked up over nothing. She doesn’t like you.” etc.

But at least you told them.

Trust me, it is so much worse to let those feelings sit and fester. You’ll always regret not telling. Hell, I didn’t even tell this girl in person, I was so scared I had to use a stupid, cliche, cheesy note. Even then she said nothing(which kinda had to do with me saying on said note “hey, just don’t bring it up. I don’t want to ruin our friendship(which she had already been distancing herself and did so even more after)”) Then her distancing herself made me thing she hated me, so I asked with another stupid cheesy note, got nothing in return(which it turns out is because of that line from the first note), so I got salty on social media(never actually named her off because I may be petty, but I’m not that petty) and then she confronted me. And already, it’s better than what happened with the first girl. I think. Still a little conflicted/concerned about my reaction(or lack-thereof)

So it might hurt, but it’s better than not telling. Trust me.


That’s a problem I’ve had repeatedly. The last two major crushes I’ve had, I never got to say anything. One of them mentioned she had a boyfriend offhandedly. Then she somehow found out I had feelings for her and ceased all contact immediately.

The one before her told me that she’s gay while we were texting, which I have nothing against, but it was still unfortunate. I’m still friends with her today but she has no idea I ever had a crush on her.

I’m afraid of outright telling. At least right out of the gate. I don’t like the idea of trying to build a relationship with no foundation. That’s how my one and only romantic relationship started, and it was terrible.

I’m a firm believer that you’d want to be good friends before trying to go that step further.

But it also doesn’t help that I haven’t been able to meet a new girl in months. My school is so small that everyone knows everyone at least on some level. So there’s no one in my school I think I could be in a relationship with that I haven’t already talked to.

So I’ve been left with this vague directionless void burning and festering in my gut. Desperately calling and pinning for a feeling I can’t even build falce hopes up for anymore.

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You’re fine, don’t worry. Some people are more emotional about things like this; some are more chill about it. I tend toward the ‘chili’ end of the spectrum myself.


I’m just going to leave that typo, I find it too funny to fix.


Oh, I can understand that completely, trust me.

Thing is, I’m not usually ‘chill.’ I’m usually a huge paranoid emotional mess. This is like the complete opposite of that. That’s what concerns me. It’s just so…different from how I usually am, I guess.


My problem right now is that I have all these thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs but no one to tie them to.

I have no goal or individual to faun over. Only a festering coil of emptiness festering inside.

I need a hand to hold. I need a body to embrace. Eyes to lose myself in. A smile to obsess over. Someone to love. To care about. To worry about. To depend on. Someone I can pour my life and soul into and not be afraid of being hurt.

What I need is her. I feel empty without her. But the problem is that I have no idea who she is. She’s the girl who taunts my dreams with affection and happiness. A faceless formless feeling I need to hold but never can. All I have is a vague hope that someday she’ll come into my life and I can be happy.

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