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You and me both, pal.

I know it sounds dumb but the Mario RPG games are some of my favorites (Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga). They actually made the battle system fun. As opposed to mindlessly selecting an attack and passively watching your character do a little animation, these combat systems focus on button timing and combos. This way you’re engaged in the game, you actually get better at the game (not the character), grinding is actually fun, and since the allows you to counterattack, you could hypothetically fight even the hardest enemy in the game right away and have a chance at winning depending if you are good enough.



Yeah, I totally agree with what you mean with the timed hits and interaction and what-not.

They’re some of my favs too.


The Best RPGs are:

The Dragon Age series
Knights of the Old Republic
The Witcher series
The Mass Effect series
The Elder Scrolls series
Final Fantasy series
Legend of Zelda series
Pokemon series

Triple A titles I know, but they are amazing.


Wait wat

LoZ isnt a rpg

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Yeah it is, cause you play a role :T

okay so

all the other games where you play as a character are rpgs?

Depends on the level of customization. Zelda does have it so its considered as one.

I’m going to agree with you simply because I don’t know what else to call LoZ.

to quote lelouch

Its obviously an open world pot smashing simulator


Well above all things XD

it’s an action-adventure puzzle-platformer, not an rpg.

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gentlemen, gentlemen!

I believe we forgot about Dragon quest?

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Its that and a RPG. Because today, games arent just one genre but a mix of several.

you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


I have worked about video game genres. Trust me, I know what I saying.
While you can point out a main genre of a game, it still has other genres in it. Mass Effect isnt just a shooter, its a role playing game as well. I wont bore you with most of the details but there are a lot of genres, and games tend to fall in a lot of those genres so saying Legend of Zelda is a RPG is correct in the same way you would say it is an action-adventure game.

LOZ isn’t an RPG series (yet)

On-topic, uh… Xenoblade Chronicles is a cool RPG


Not quite sure I’d agree there. There’s very little “role playing” to LoZ outside of creating a name for your own character, and most of the major elements of an RPG (leveling up, detailed character customization, detailed factions beyond a simple good and evil) are generally absent from the Zelda series.

So, nope, can’t agree that Zelda’s an RPG. It has a few RPG elements here and there (Skyward Sword’s weapon crafting most notably), but not much outside of that.



Are we talking about the new open world Zelda title coming up this year?

For what it’s worth, Wikipedia notes that there’s much debate over whether or not the games qualify as RPGs. Personally, I would say that Zelda II is an RPG, but not the others, at least from what I know of them.