"The Scavenger" (former Self-MOC)

Hello everybody, this is Maniac4Bricks. Today I am ready to share with you my first modern Bionicle MOC, “The Scavenger”. Built in August 2016, no piece count available currently, model is still assembled. Figure has standard points of arm, leg and head articulation, as well as hip rotation and a frictioned gearbox. Tools and accessories attached by axles and pins, easy to remove.



The one known simply as The Scavenger lives in a desert landscape with a one-room hut. He always searches the surrounding villages and wasteland for debris and throwaways, so that he can make tools and furniture. He is always in search of artifacts and rare sources of power, so that one day he can improve his living conditions and even explore beyond the wasteland. His two main weapons are a grabbing claw for collecting items and a 3-pronged staff to help him survive. Villagers know little about him as he lives alone, making public appearances for supplies or scavenging, hence his nickname.

On occassion he finds sources of power but he still has alot of experimenting to do to harness that power for weapons and vehicles.


The Scavenger stands assembled at approximately 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide from shoulder armor tip to tip. Or to scale with a Galidor GBA box…

Let’s start at the torso, dividing the two halves.

The Gearbox half is straightforward, adapting from the G2 style of assembly and friction points but adding a little flair with Visorak feetpieces.

The custom half is fairly complex internally, with alternating pairs of liftarms to join the body together and make a sturdy torso.

This being the very core of the torso.

Here’s the covering of the chest. The yellow in the body is meant to be some of the organs, insinuating this is like most Bionicle figures, partially organic. Reminds me of the organ detail for the Toa in the Miramax films.

Up next, the hip and lower torso design. Again mostly liftarms shifting back and forth, pins and axles, but very sturdy.

Then we move up briefly to the head. Originally The Scavenger wore a Noble Ruru, but after misplacing it, I replaced it with a Noble Komau, and the detail stuck with me even after finding the Ruru. It lined up better covering the size of the head as well as the drifter mechanic I was thinking for the character.

Last but not least are some of his tools. Aside from his 3-pronged staff, he also uses a grabber claw

and a jetpack. Forgot to elaborate earlier, this accessory can allow him to fly short distances and heights to evade danger (similar to Boba Fett’s jetpack). It’s an early experiment for The Scavenger as a machine, but the power source still needs to be tested. the angle in which it’s facing in the photo is to show it’s downward thrusters and construction.


It’s been many years since I built a more “serious” Bionicle MOC, and it’s been many years since I built this one (4 years as of this post). In the time I built it, I saw some of the community and didn’t adapt any particular design, but knew I needed to push myself in a new direction for MOC depth and story. I still want to develop more of The Scavenger’s world, what lies beyond it, and even his personal journey. May he one day escape the desert and explore new worlds.

Fun fact: after I first built him, I dubbed him my Self-MOC. However I’ve changed that over time while I work on something more reminiscent of me. Orange is a great color, but green is my absolute favorite. The collecting nature of The Scavenger was inspired from how I like to collect (or as some people say, hoard) items, and my ever-present fascination to take old junk and turn it into something new (thanks to Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, environmental science and recycling center visits as a kid, camping up through high school, and of course LEGO).

I’d carry some of those interests and more into a “new” Self-MOC in the future, to be posted on it’s own. I’m still proud of what I built here, riding off the heels of G2 and into the online fan community, and I’m always inspired by other builds to keep making stories and hopefully more models to attach to them.

Anyone for Maniac on a stick? :smile: thanks for reading and viewing!

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Interesting design, I really appreciate that a lot of thought went into it. The white sort of cod piece, does that interfere with leg articulation at all?

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Yup, unfortunately I cannot pose his legs straight forward. They have to be angled to the sides. Also a little limited with the orange footpiece used on the back, but still enough in either direction for a believable walking pose.

I also forgot to mention his Hewkii Mahri problem - with multiple points and elongated armor on top of him, posing his arms is difficult at times. Not to mention the weight of some weapons like his staff causes the arm to sag from the intended pose. I might have to fix the friction points in the shoulder ball joint and in the gearbox.

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Strange to make an update like this, but this MOC was displayed at BrickFair VA 2022 but was stolen among others by the end of Sunday; last seen around 6pm.

If anyone has seen this MOC afterward, any information would be greatly helpful and appreciated.

Considering this and other Bionicle MOCs were reported stolen and not turned into Lost and Found, leads me to not display at Bionicle tables at future shows for the time being.