The Sceeper

This is an alien creature in a book I’m writing. Been meaning to show it off for about a year now. So, here it is:

Analysis: The Sceeper is an alien animal that can reside in little to no atmosphere planetoids. It appears to rely on ambush stratageis to attack. Height: ~1.5 meters tall (excluding the stinger).

The large mandibles suggest either a scavenging use, or a way to tear pray apart. More research required. Next section.

It’s hard exterior suggests the exoskeleton has been evolved several times in order to create the shell. Possibly to reduce radiation-based mutations. It appears to have an extremely high resistance to kinetic projectiles. This could be used as armor if hunted conservatively.

The large profile of the stinger is to harm or poison prey with a venom. The venom appears to first cause paralisis, which gives time for a toxin to slowly clot blood with a specialized virus. This suggests a symbiotic relationship on both micro, and macroscopic scales.

The Sceeper appears to also are able to camolouge as a rock to ambush their prey (as mentioned before).
End of log.

Size comparison:

Meta notes: This M.O.C. has been one of the more refined designs in the few I’ve made. It origionally was designed to more promently look like a Creeper. (Not Minecraft!) The design can be found here:

Also I’ll upload Ceal’s arm fix on his page.
Comments criticism, and critiques are welcome.


Looks really good. Try adding some orange on the tail.

I’ll see what I can do without going overboard with it.

This is a neat little thing, but it is a bit cluttered and hard to make out details

Part of that is a poor camera set-up. I’m planning on upgrading it.

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