The Scraterra 2.0

When the core war was going on and the great beings created the Baterra to stop the fighting the elite Skrall brought back what remained of them as they had a great being working with them. They had it reprogram and rebuilt it into a horror of war.

They were were Smarter and faster than the Baterra. They had become skilled in combat as they didn’t show any type of mercy even with out weapons at hand

They’re preferred way of travel is on all fours.

The creepiest part of this would be it’s mouth like chest.

Hope you all enjoy :grin:


nice color combos, and i like the arms and legs!


“What should we call them?” “I don’t know, they’re like scarier Baterra! Scraterra…”

In all seriousness, great guild; I really like the Vahki four-legged mode function, and nice job shaping the back of the ankles.


The Skrall tribal design blades really fit the alien look this thing has.