The Serpentine Project

I decided to start a story, and I would like to know what you all think of it. How you enjoy!

Mission 0: Young One
Hot coffee poured out of the small machine ahead of an insubordinate intern into a small coffee mug. When the stream of steaming liquid ended, he took the cup out of the machine, wincing when a splash of coffee burned his hand. He grunted and switched hands. The intern started left down the hall, toward his boss' office. Once at the door, he knocked on it with his burned hand. The door swung open. Inside, his boss was standing by the huge window, staring out into the brightly lit room in front of him.
"Come in, Charles," his boss said without moving, "Just leave the coffee on my desk." Charles walked slowly into the room, as if he was trying the steal something. When he set the mug down on the wooden desk, next to a large stack of papers. Charles then stood next to his boss
"What's going on in there?" he asked him.
"Project Serpentine." Charles looked at him puzzled.
"What's that?" His boss sighed and looked at his confused intern.
"Project Serpentine is meant to modify humans. Don't you remember Project Flora?" He explained. Charles nodded.
"Yeah. You made a modified cactus with giant needles. So, this is just that with humans?" he asked him. His boss nodded.
"Exactly." he said as he turned toward his desk. His boss sat in his large leather desk chair. Charles sat in the cushioned seat in front of his. He took a sip of coffee and readjusted his glasses. His boss was about fifty, by Charles calculations. That was only middle aged for 2113. The two of them sat in awkward silence for a minute.
"What was going on in there?" Charles asked. His boss looked up from the paper he was read and sighed.
"The doctors are modifying a small child. We are trying to give the youngling super human strength." He smiled as he explained. Charles' eyes widened in amazement. He had heard of humans who had increased strength due to robotic enhancements, but never genetic. Suddenly, something smashed the glass window. The bloody body of a scientist knocked Charles' boss into the desk, knocking the wind out of him. A small child jumped through the gaping hole. He was likely only five years old, and fairly small for his age. He wore a gray gown with blood splattered all over it and his face. Charles froze in his seat. How could such a small child kill someone. Then, security busted into the room and stunned the boy. Charles had no idea what had just happened.

I will post new missions (chapters) every other day, so stay tuned!


Mission 01: Test Drive

In the years that followed that fateful day, Charles would meet with the boy, who had been named Aviss. It was an odd name for a child, but he didn't seem to mind. Charles would bring him things that a normal kid would have like toys and books. He enjoyed them and had grown a fondness for Charles. He was his only friend.

when Aviss turned 16, he awoke and discovered that Charles had disappeared. He searched the lab for him, put he was no where. Then, someone stabbed him in the neck with a syringe, knocking Aviss out. Eventually, he awoke, and was surrounded by a huge circular wall. Where am I? He asked himself as someone began talking to his.
"Welcome to Project Serpentine test mission 1: ascendance." the mechanical female voice said. Aviss walked toward the wall. When he touched it, a surge of electricity rushed through his body. The voice returned.
"Objective: reach the top of the pit without touching the wall." Aviss had no idea what he was going to do to get out. After a while, he came to the conclusion that he could only jump out. IT didn't seem impossible. The doctors at the lab had done tests on how high he could jump ever since he was young. He squatted down, and launched himself high into the sky. Aviss felt completely weightless as he ascended. Once he saw the top, he noticed a flag near the edge. He landed right next to it softly. When he touched it, Aviss awoke in a lab. Doctors and machine were all around him, as well as Charles.

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