The Shadow Warrior & The bug controled Shadow Warrior

This is the Shadow Warrior. He is a samurai .

He has two gear functions. ( right arm, waist ) The only thing that this guy can not defeat is a strange bug that stank him and turned him into this. :


Interesting build I am not sure I like the way the torso is built, and it seems built and the arms are too far out. The arms could be the picture and also a few more would be nice. The idea is cool, but less cluttered back and lighter armor would give him a more ninja look. Try using some of the technical from the sets and then modify them.

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Hope that bug stank ain’t contagious, coz the aftermath is nasty!
On the build note, I’m guessing the reason the right arm is so far out from the body is to accommodate for the hear function, but I feel it would like better if you lost the armour under the arm, and brought it in a bit. Other than that, nice :+1:


“Sadly a strange bug stank the Shadow Warrior so he turned into this”

it’s like an apology to the shadow warrior’s family…

The ninja is very messy and has some questionable bulk, you’d expect a ninja to be thinner. The bug looks interesting, I’d love to see more of it.

hahahaha, oh man you are right I could come up with something better !!:joy: :joy:

I’d recommend using a more whitish light for pictures. The black almost looks like iridescent blue…

I’m not entirely sure that’s a sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:
These… Need work. That’s really all I can say without dragging the MoCs.