The Shadowed One (SteamPunk Influence) - MOC

The Shadowed One (SteamPunk Influenced) - MOC
Feel free to build your own Tempest Staff!! (The one he is holding
Both Negative and Positive Feedback is appreciated


Well... Uh. This is kinda intimidating.

A perfect attribute of the Shadowed One!

It certainly looks better than


Looks a bit cluttered but that's just a part of Steampunk.

Not to be overly critical but the original shadowed one has three legs and it looks like your moc only has two. But very good job with this guy smile

The original should have had only the two legs. I mean, look at the TSO image from BIONICLE World, the one where he's sitting on a throne.


I like the brown smile

Best part is the staff, and the non existent leg tail thing. Great moc!