The Shadows Have RISEN!

just realized, after @Ekorak pointed it out:

as Ek said, are you referring to yourself in the thrid person, or are you posting this on behalf of them.

'cause if the latter is true, why have you given said builder no credit?

or is oyur account the account everyone from this



is using?

wait, no, that can't be the case, since you've acted as one lone individual this entire time, with the same writing style, etc.

so this CAN'T be the group account.

so what gives?

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I and one other person helped out on this project, for only three people working on this i think we didn't do to bad at least its in the ball park of what Lego would have done. Personally i take all the feedback as constructive and useful but some of it seems as if their going after dragologer and hating on him.



Well that's a "niche" opinion over there.

The only other evidence from "who" help designed the project was in this topic (despite it getting closed down under development).


And discord.


so, are you the "builder"?


here's the thing:

"keep in mind NEGATIVE feedback is just white noise,isnt actually helpful and will be ignored."

that is something you should never do- try and limit criticism/try and silence and dismiss critics by calling them "white noise"

that, and his entire attitude towards criticism bullcrap, and he deserves to be called out for it.

i asked in my original post, and i will ask again:


you just saying "and discord" does not amount to proof.

I myself use the criticism as motivation and want to do better. Can i link stuff on here or is that against the rules. (have't been on here for a long time and need to brush up on rules)


if it's screenshots or images, then yes

if it's promotional in nature, then no.

also, sir:

why didn't you post these yourself if you're the creator?

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I mean no offense by this, but I don't think that was very well represented by the statements in the first post in the topic.

Perhaps Dragologer should work with other members when making the topics to make sure everyone's got a mutual agreement on what's been said?


To be fair i post Legacy's instructions even though I dont make them. In fact nothing I posted was by me except 1 or 2 things out of dozens



at the very least

why weren't you credited, @ThelegoCCBSbuilder1 ?

Yeah, there should have been a clear statement of who the contributors were at the start.

Yeah, we're going to keep "going after" Dragologer if you guys are operating off of "constructive criticism" as the definition of "hating on" someone.

Just to be clear, let's avoid giving @dragologer or @ThelegoCCBSbuilder1 unnecessary crap. Clearly, there was some effort placed in this project, and everyone deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt.



I didn't want to be recognized. I also seriously have been giving some thoughts on some of the things that people have said. This was dragologer's project he came up with ideas and story basically everything, all i did was build the sets.

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The sets are the core foundation of any Lego line. The sets are what drives sales, and through sales the theme survives.


I siad that because @Sammythekat asked why didn't i post this myself.

I understand that, my point is that you deserve credit for designing what is literally the most important part of any Lego line.


Well i didn't want to be recognized and dragologer respected that decision and didn't recognize me.

Honestly, this whole thread is a mess.

I understand what you're saying @ThelegoCCBSbuilder1, but I do want to point out that it isn't really a good sign when people aren't credited for their work. I get that you didn't want to be credited, but the issue of credit is an ongoing struggle on the internet. Some people were suspicious of Dragologer, as it seemed like he was trying to take credit for someone else's work.

As for criticism, the only kind of criticism in this thread I see is constructive. No one is hating on Dragologer at all. He simply sees it that way, as he thinks all negative criticism, including constructive criticism, is spiteful and vitriolic, and to be ignored. And I do understand he says he doesn't see constructive criticism as negative, he has not behaved that way. As the adage goes, show, don't tell.


I'm seeing a lot of witch hunting for nothing and some veiled attempts to bring unnecessary take downs or discover some mass plot.

The majority of this is off topic. If this continues, we will start handing out suspensions. Either discuss the MOCs or take it to private. We have already made our stance on the criticism matter very clear.