The Spook Squad (combiner team 2.0)

This is my second combiner team and has been improved in almost every way. Here's their back story, After Kulta,s defeat Makuta needed a new general to lead the skull army. Because no one could come to an agreement on who this should be Skull Crusher, Skull Hunter, Skull Lancer and Skull Necromancer formed the legion of Skulls. Each one of the members now controls a faction of the Skull Army.

And now for the combined form


This is really cool, I love it! The individual forms look really cool as well, and the Combined form is awesome! Do they have names?

In order of the pictures is Skull Crusher, Skull Hunter, Skull Lancer and Skull necromancer. As of now the combined form does not have a name.

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Pure awesomeness. 100/10

Love the combined form, it's pretty amazing. All the individual forms looks pretty great as well and I absolutely love those color schemes (although it does feel a little random on some).

This is very well executed and looks very cool in combined form. Well done again!

@Caboose That is definitely the new name.
@MakutaAhkmou Why thank you.
@MetaPower Yeah, I see what you mean. The main reason is that I were running out of translucent armour.
@The_Owl Thank you very much.


The combined form is a jumble and the individual forms are a tad skinny.

Some one had to say it.

That tends to happen when people make combiners...