The Stalker

I wanted to make a 100% technic build and so I did. this moc has standart articulation + 12 in the hands and 1 waiste function

trying some differnt heads because I only used vaders because its the only one that fits the proportions of the body. But I wanted to use the protector mask.

here his hunter bow

red electricity staff


I just Laughed at Vaders head

I find your lack of red Disturbing


Though if you think about it, this moc actually is smooth with the colors, the proportions are great, and overall this is a decent moc. the only complaint I have is that the back needs a little more coverage and those arms need a little work.

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Wow, I never knew Vader could turn into a red behemoth, I thought he turned into a scorpion!


i get it

"The Stalker"

"Your actions have consequences."

A joke probably only a few people will even get.

Seriously though, I think the Mask of Fire would suit him a bit better, even if it is a bit small, I just can't not see Darth Vader.

His arms and torso seem to be a bit too Technicy if you know what I mean. Perhaps some smoothing out and a bit of added bulk could go a long way.

I like the usage of the IFB cocoon pieces, and the Skull Spider fingers are also pretty cool.

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I get that joke :wink:

This MOC is really cool, but the Vader mask is really odd. I love that staff-thingo, it's great. And the bow, all the weapons are awesome. :smile:

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"Your actions have consequences."
~The Stalker



Out of all of them, I like the Narmoto head the most.

Vader had a bad day...his suit got painted wrong...

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Darth Vader doesn't die... He only grows and gets more red.

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I'd recommend making a custom head for him. Vader looks wrong and 2015 bionicle is too small. Also too much technic. Except for that pretty good

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Really nice work. I love huge mocs

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