"The Stranger" (My Okotoan Self-MOC)

The past versions of my self-MOC have always been large, clunky, and generally ugly. So I decided to completely redesign my self-MOC.....like, completely redesign. I present my Okotoan villager, "The Stranger".

Although the arms and legs are very basic, the torso is actually really complex. Plus, he has waist articulation, which makes him great for posing.

Here, you can see his basic skeleton. His body his practically built around that Slizer foot, which is why I couldn't take it off for the photo.

Please feel free to comment/critique. :smile: :smile: Thanks for viewing!

-NC (Clone 01354 Productions)

You might be wondering "Why is he called 'The Stranger'? Well.....I don't feel like explaining now. :stuck_out_tongue:


great little MOC you have here. love the build. :smile_cat:

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It's a bulky-shouldered villager.

That's good enough.

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I love it! Simple and effective! Great job!

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Very custom, I like it.

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Sees title

Very nice. Just be sure to keep those Bohrok teeth on the upper arms at all times :stuck_out_tongue:


Simple but great overall

Name doesn't work at all, but as a MOC it looks excellent.

Great work, I especially like that torso design.

pretty nice, looks simple but kind of works

*sees title *


What is he Sellin?

I really like how it is simple, but still looks good. The MOC looks like it could be an actual set because it is a solid build, but not overly complicated.

The only Complaint i have about Your MOC
is it's name which sounds just like he's trying to be edgy
Sorry but that's my opinion on it.

"Wares of all places, many are unique"

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of your comments! :slight_smile:

Fair enough, but I do have a reason for it. I just didn't talk about it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well if you have a reason Say it! Just don't make him all Edgy Unless you've got really good writing skills, As Edginess is Rarley pulled off correctly
At least that's my opinion on it.

This looks fine, but give him a custom gun. He should have more or a resemblance to that of a clone trooper, namely (Phase II shock?) the one in your avatar.

Looks really nice!

Overall I really like his build. However, the biggest and really only complaint is the arm construction. I personally think you would have been better off with normal CCBS bone pieces for the arms, bit that's just my opinion.

Otherwise, though, great MOC! :smile: