The Super Duper Amazing Risebell Self Moc

So here it is, my Magnum Opus.
Aka the First MOC I've done in years.

The Golden Zamor Spheres inside are Illumakuta souls.


Is he a Makuta?

IDK... People make backstories for their MOCs right?
Sure, makuta are cool. Makuta Risebell! Leader of the Illumakuta. Which should totally be a cannon group in the Bionicle Storyline.
Yes, a group a cannon loving people that is already canon.


Nice way to keep the Zamor inside his torso.

I have my own Makuta MOC myself. I'll show him off later.

gr1 m2 i r3 12/4

Lol'ed, so the Illumakuta are a group that like cannons? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(but srsly is gr8 MOC)

Oh my god this is quite an epic moc. The black shoulder pads facing inwards do give me the scare (I don't really like inward armour pieces). But besides that, the wings look great, I absolutely love the big Pridak feet as armour and I also love the mask choice, overall very good moc. 10/10 in my book. ~Pyrox


Nice MOC, mate.

why it no gold bro?

Isn't that the configuration they were originally designed for?

I do feel like the Skrall armor on the front of the shoulders does look kinda meh, just personal opinion. On legs, it's fine. 'cause it allows for poseability, but here on shoulders like that...

I dunno, I'd try to find a way to attach them to the side, if possible.

And then, this is just a dumb thing with me, but I love bicep movement, like, the ability to move the lower arms in and out, as well as up and down. All six of my main Toa MOCs, and lots of others, use something to be able to do that, and if/when you delve into more custom stuff, I'd try for that.

Additionally, the lower legs, while innovative and unique...I feel like it's very flat from the side, so I suggest adding on armor and stuff to those. Great use of the Visorak frame, though.


Visorak frame?

Oh, uh, this piece. At least, I think that's what it is.

Oh. Yeah, you're right about the NPU.

In that case I dislike the piece in general. ~Pyrox

I can sort of agree with you. It was incredibly annoying when it was used as a Vorox shoulder pad and kept getting caught on the torso.

Black Mirus are always epic.


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