The Super Smash Brothers topic

I wanted to make this topic so I can discuss things about my favorite game franchise. So, feel free to talk about anything to do with Smash.

isn’t there already a topic about this game?

Oh, is there? If there is than uh… I’m not sure what to do.

I guess we wait intel this topic is close

Rip me. This sucks cause the older ones are probably dead by now.

well that doesn’t mean you can’t still talk about it


Yeah, hopefully others will return to there.


but Actually, I don’t see the Original Smash Bros Topic (besides the Ultimate one) so I guess we should get back on topic

Mhm. The first thing people will see now is an almost unrelated conversation.


maybe tell the a mod to Delete the conversation

Back on Topic: I really hype for Banjo-Kazooie coming to smash

edit: Nevermind

Topic already exists. In the future, if you believe a topic to be a duplicate, please flag it so us moderator are aware of it. Thanks