The Suva Bracelet and how to make it

Here's what it looks like from a couple different angles.

You will need the following pieces:

Of course feel free to get pieces in other Toa colors!

With those ready, get building!

This is a build I HIGHLY encourage others to try out for themselves. I'm dying to see what other people make with this sort of build, or what alternate, perhaps more efficient ways people might find to build this. Please tell me what you think, I love feedback.


Wow nice. I might have to make this if I ever get a set if toa mata/nuva's masks.

I would make this if I had more original masks

If I had the parts, I'd build this.

A neat idea and a cool means of displaying ones Kanohi.

That's a very neat concept, too bad it's not very practical.

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Pretty sure I have the parts to build this, I'll try it soon. It's also a pretty cool and creative design, too.

Awesome! What colors/Toa do you plan on making it based on?

The original Mata.

Oh if only I had more of these pieces and '01-'03 heads...

Well, there's always Bricklink. I had to buy all the pieces, myself, after I figured out how it should be built.