The Swift Lotus

Jingake Blade




Alt masks



Great job as always!

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It takes some commitment to make a MOC with Axonn’s mask work, but this one definitely does.


For a ninja, he certainly looks like a samurai or at least a knight

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Yeah it’s a mashup of all those things.

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This might be my new favorite of yours, and as far as masks go, I really like the normal mask, and Nuparau’s.


Sweet! Love the color scheme, and the Rode and the Miru both look really good on him! The layered thighs look pretty cool too, I may have to steal that technique sometime.

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Good job, as great MOC as always, I think it looks cool with the Tryna

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Another really good one

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The Moc gets a 9/10 for me.

The Huna actually looks great with it.

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Thanks! I agree about that mask. It could almost be the primary for this guy.

Where did you get those hands?!?!? They are really cool :wink:

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They’re from a bootLego set from There used to be 4 different color options available:
But they’re all out of stock.

I read on Reddit a while ago that there’s something called a Wish App where you can find them. But I’m not familiar with that at all so I can’t confirm.

Great job, I like Axonn’s mask on this build.

I would say though I think the smooth G2 pieces at his hips feel a little off to me but I also have no idea what else might look better there. The G1 leg pieces at his knees I feel like set the tone for all of his leg, so maybe something else from G1.

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