The Tahu Show SE3 EP2

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I feel like this is ripped off Jaller a ton


I dont understand. Could you explain why you say this

The whole thing is basically just what Jaller is. Only with Tahu and some more visual effects.


well in my opinion my videos are nothing like jaller. heck i would say my videos are a bit better.

Don’t be so naive.


This is basically the chronicles of Jaller, but with a more intelligent protagonist and having the focus be on Tahu.

Also, tip of advice for making these kinds of vids: if you want to make me believe that these are figures moving on their own and not are just some guy waving a bunch of toys in front of a camera, then try and prevent your hands from being visible. It breaks the emersion.

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Yeah I’ve been trying to work on getting my hand out of the shot