The takua reboot chronicles

in the ancient city of okoto there is a banished ta protecter named takua

he did not know that the toa had arrived and awakened ukimu so he had broken into the forge were ukimu was working hard on a new mask.takua found to things first he found a shield
then a mask with lewa`s mask please return written on the back.

he did not know who this lewa was so he hanged on to it but then he stumbled into the great ukimu who said HOW DARE YOU INTER MY FORGE WHILE I WAS WORKING WHO ARE YOU DID YOU COME TO ASSASSINATE ME!

to be continued


just so every one knows this will tie into the takanuva moc
i made a while ago

gif man bin do you like the idea of this side story of the main cannon being a series ?
also the red and blue trans represent the slashes of were the protecter of jungle wiped him no worries his back story will be explained

i will upload part two origins tomorrow

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I actually like this quite a bit. Groovy MOC man.It colors for the most part are also pretty good except for the upper arms bones. The trans blue is a little out of place.

Overall a groovy simple MOC man.

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It is very simple, but interesting

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Eh it’s ok, not a fan of those trans light blue bones, otherwise ok

part two origins

then ukimu realized that takua was crying
he ask the young protecter what was wrong
takua replayed with 3 years ago i was playing with my noe long dead friend kongu

they were playing around a cliff when…

a skull spider jumped onto kongu pushing him off the edge.

his father was vizuna protector of jungle and blamed takua for his sons death and riped apart his arms and put them back to gather again and was wiped by vizuna
he was brutally beaten in public and was banished from all the tribes because vizuna told everyone that takua murdered his son and now he was here looking for food and armor.

sorry i said i would release the second part tomorrow but i had already made the story and took the photos so well i decided that i would post it today

also while this will contain mocs this will be more story than mocs ok good


Wow, this is brutal. Good job on the MOCs though! I like Kongu’s use of the skeleton arms, though it makes for a lack of elbows.

Not sure about the light trans blue bones, but overall it looks pretty cool for its simplicity.

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