The tale of boko, a first chapter

        By- Cuphead5998

        Chapter one.

Boko awoke in ga koto as she always did and got her fishing pole out.
She had wanted to be a mask maker in the big city, but makuta had destroyed it.
It had been hard as she had been studying under Turan Takar before the city collapsed.
In all honesty she had found life as a fisherman hard and was angered, due to the new way of mask making.
See masks were unique now and this angered her now they had “new designs” that weren’t the old proteca;
so while she walked out she was greeted by the local smith tk’a he was from out of town but built masks.
For the above ga toran, and as such she despised him. “Hey!” he shouted, “How’re you doing boko?” he asked.
“fine” she grudgingly responded.

If you guys want some more i’d be happy to keep writing the story


Not bad idea, but I would recommend fixing the spelling/grammar mistakes:
“boko” should be capitalized
other stuff that I can’t tell what you meant.

I’m not trying to be mean, but I would recommend that you let someone proofread it first.

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Yes. Please make more!